Q: Abortion after birth of child?

A:I had my son three months ago. 2 weeks after his birth I was raped and might be pregnant right now. If I am, I am going to get a abortion. I am not looking for ...Read More »

Q: abortion after birth of child?

A:I disagree with the people who are saying you shouldn't have an abortion. Why should you have to go through another pregnancy after just giving birth, a baby th...Read More »

Q: Can you get an abortion after giving birth 4 months ago?

A:Yes you can.Read More »

Q: Bleeding after abortion, birth control.

A:Dear Susan, The amount of bleeding you are describing sounds normal. It is common to have bleeding for three weeks after an abortion, especially when it gets l...Read More »

Q: Which birth control pill is safe after abortion?

A:There are no special safety consideration when choosing a birth control pill after abortion. The prescriber uses the same considerations for choosing as s/he wo...Read More »

abortion after birth

Abortion proponents like to paint pro-lifers as extremists who go to great lengths to take away the rights of women. However, many of these .
the growing acceptance of post-birth abortion, or killing the infant after he or she is born, campus prolife outreach leaders tell The College Fix.
Post-birth abortion, aka, infanticide. “We encounter people who think it is morally acceptable to kill babies after birth on a regular basis at almost .
A serious philosophical problem arises when the same conditions that would have justified abortion become known after birth. In such cases .
They claimed that post-birth abortion was being taught on liberal campuses.of personhood to preclude varying amounts of time after birth.
Harrington said, "We encounter people who think it is morally acceptable to kill babies after birth on a regular basis at almost every campus we .
[W]hen circumstances occur after birth such that they would have justified abortion, what we call after-birth abortion should be permissible.
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What is the procedure for getting an abortion pill under the age of 18 in Colorado?
I can sympathize with what you are experiencing- when I was 17 I was shocked to find out that I was pregnant. I had an abortion. I was young and scared, and my mom and boyfriend said I should. I was so frightened and numb I honestly didn't even want to think about it, just to get it over...

Abortion at 11 Weeks?
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not go through with this. When I was 13 weeks pregnant I found out that my baby had died at 9 weeks 2 days. I had no signs of miscarriage and still had strong pregnancy symptoms. I had no choice but to have a D and C (what they use for abortions) to remove everything...

From a strictly physical standpoint, are there any negative health repercussions to having an abortion?
Hemmorage Sometimes women bleed during an abortion or a few days afterwards. With a medical abortion, bleeding lasts 13-15 days or more. Occasionally it is necessary to receive a transfusion to replace the lost blood. Sometimes a second curettage procedure or a hysterectomy is needed to stop...

10 points! statistics on females that die during abortion?
According to WHO, approximately 68,000 women die annually as a result of complications of unsafe abortion- and between two million and seven million women each year survive unsafe abortion but sustain long-term damage or disease (incomplete abortion, infection (sepsis), haemorrhage, and injury...

Do you believe my 30 year old daughter should get partial birth abortion at 22 weeks along?
After carrying the child for 22 weeks, if she now decides she doesnt want the child- there are plenty of couples out there who want nothing more in the world but to have a baby. Rather than take away a life, why not give life- not only to the baby, but to a family? If the abortion is for medical...