Q: What is the result after abortion?

A:A woman who is not pregnant anymore and a dead embryo or fetus.Read More »

Q: Why after having an abortion a week ago am still getting a positi...

A:Because your body is still set on pregnant. It will take about 2 months for the hormones to settle and during that time you will be highly fertile and can get p...Read More »

Q: How accurate is the negative result after abortion?

A:If you had an abortion, you are no longer pregnant. Why are you taking pregnancy tests? Your partner needs to use a condom EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU HAVE SEX until ...Read More »

Q: Amniocentesis result after 35 weeks pregnancy?

A:from what i read about this test it is every accurate i want to get one done to make sure everything is ok n i want t find out who my babys father is but i dont...Read More »

Q: Is it normal to have positive results after 6 weeks of abortion?

A:You need to see your gyno. We cannot diagnose you here.Read More »

abortion after amniocentesis results

This test usually gives results within three days after terminate the pregnancy (have an abortion) after amniocentesis shows an abnormality, .
Amniocentesis is usually performed after 15 weeks gestation.Since CVS can be done earlier in the pregnancy, and since results are available.fetus has a genetic problem such as Down syndrome gives you the option to have an abortion.
Their marriage broke down after the abortion.When she called me sobbing and to tell me the results, all I could do was be there for her.
My doctor says I ll have a little time after those results are in to make up my mind .If you would abort a baby with problems, go for the amnio.
the “fantasy baby,” the perfect baby I lost when the amnio results came back. I was catapulted into a six-month depression after the abortion, .
I just met a woman whose mother was told, after two amnios, that she.As a result, most babies born with Down syndrome were not prenatally diagnosed. do choose an amnio may be somewhat self-selecting for abortion.
Her results were confirmed with an amniocentesis, an invasive procedure. Earlier this year, Arkansas banned most abortions after 12 weeks, .
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