Q: Is it safe to have an abortion after 8-9 weeks of pregnancy?

A:You probably need to talk to who ever if doing the termination. Some clinics will do termination earlier and later than others. If there is a chance that you wi...Read More »

Q: Why cant you take the abortion pill after 8-9 weeks?

A:At the first visit, the client swallows one tablet of mifepristone. ■ Women who have a pregnancy of 22 weeks or more may have an additional procedure at this vi...Read More »

Q: Bleeding after pill abortion for 9 weeks.

A:Retained Products of conception is a possibility and hence get a USG done. This will show any retained tissue within the uterus. If it is present you will need ...Read More »

Q: Pregnancy test positive 9 weeks after an abortion are you pregnan...

A:Very possibly so! Your period should return within 8 weeks from an abortion and that means the pregnancy hormone levels had to be down. Take a blood test at the...Read More »

Q: What're the statistical chances of it giving a false negative 9 w...

A:Dear Ben, This is a very unusual story. I have been offering the abortion pill for over a decade and have never had a patient who did not bleed at all - especi...Read More »

abortion after 9 weeks

Medical abortion has been shown to be effective through the first trimester (12. for women undergoing abortion at 9-13 weeks gestation.20 If you have been .
Early medical abortion (up to nine weeks of pregnancy).After your initial visit to see the doctor, you will have two more appointments on different days. On your .
Click here to download The abortion pill after 9 weeks section from the bpas guide.This method can be used up to 23 weeks and 5 days of pregnancy at bpas.
Surgical abortion at 9 weeks, 2 do this, but the nurses just asked how I was feeling about my decision after getting all this information.
This story describes the procedure of a medical abortion which was very painful .I was, I was 8-9 weeks and the doctor suggested I have a medical termination. .I was asked to lay in bed for an hour, then after that to wear sanitary pads and .
I was 8 weeks and 3 days pregnant. After taking the first pill they say you might experience cramps or sickness that day but I didn t have .
The abortion pill can only be used up to 49 days after the first day of the last period (or 9 weeks). It s about 97% effective. Other facts about .
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Do you support/defend abortion if you know the child has Downs?
I only support abortion in the case of where the mother's life is at great risk. I would not support abortion in the cases of conceived in rape or incest. However, I would not judge woman negatively if they truly got an abortion for such a reason. Any other reasons for abortion, including...

Should abortions be illegal ?
Yes. Abortions should be illegal because abortion is killing an innocent human person. And that is always wrong. Is a fetus alive? life: “the condition that distinguishes organisms from inorganic objects and dead organisms, being manifested by growth through metabolism, reproduction, and...

Does abortion effect fertility?
Abortion can increase the risk of miscarriage, but I don't think it affects fertility. If you were previously taking birth control pills, those can affect fertility for a little while. It's my understanding that it can take the hormones a bit of time to sort themselves out. The good news...

Is abortion legal in the muslim countries?
Probably not, however i have read that in primitive counties that have outlawed abortion use a procedure that is called Menstrual Extraction without a pregnancy test before hand to keep the issue blurred/void. The procedure is a non surgical minimally invasive abortion used to terminate impregnation...

For those who've had abortions (or have had friends who have) can you answer me a question?
An pill or medical abortion is just like having a miscarriage. You will pass blood, clots and some tissue. Most miscarriage are accompanied by strong cramping. Your cervix will dilated a bit and uterine contractions will force you to pass the pregnancy. My experience was good, well as good...