Q: How safe is abortion at 12weeks and what is the procedure?

A:it is not that safe but then agian it is and the provedure is they insert a tube and it sucks out the baby sac.Read More »

Q: Why is abortions banned after 12 weeks?

A:I don't know what country you are talking about but most countries where abortion is legal they allow it past week 12. In the US abortion is not banned after 12...Read More »

Q: What Happens After 12 Weeks of FMLA?

A:The FMLA provides up to 12 weeks of unpaid time for an employee to deal with medical concerns for either himself or a family member. It also allows you to take ...Read More »

Q: What is the usual procedure in Queensland AU to abort after 24 we...

A:Unfortunately I'm not from that area so I can't give you any specific information, but I did want to send you my warm wishes. Best of luck to you & I hope you'r...Read More »

Q: How is an abortion performed at 12 weeks?

A:Early on, they can give a pill to cause a miscarriage. By that point, they vaccuum the fetus out. It's not pretty, but then again, neither is a c-section or ope...Read More »

abortion after 12 weeks procedure

If you are 12 to 14 weeks pregnant, your visit will last five to six hours. In either case, you will need to arrange for someone to drive you home after the procedure .
Misoprostol still works after 12 weeks of pregnancy but the chance of.If you are 13-20 weeks pregnant, you can use misoprostol to induce your abortion.
It depends how many weeks pregnant you are and which abortion method is being.If a medical abortion is carried out after nine weeks, you may need a second.than one in 1,000 medical abortions performed between weeks, .
Abortion is ending the pregnancy by using medicine or a surgical procedure. In Texas, the.This procedure is generally used after 12 weeks of pregnancy.
Abortion procedures vary depending on how far along you are and whether. Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA): a procedure used as early as 3 -12 weeks since.abortion procedure used to terminate a pregnancy after 16 weeks gestation.
Manual vacuum. This procedure can be used around 5 to 12 weeks after the last menstrual period (early first trimester). It involves the use of a .
Up to 12 weeks suction is used, after that it s a slightly different procedure. There are a few accounts of surgical termination experiences on the .
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Look online for a medical opinion. Search doctors' views on abortion or something. The look for the republican view. Doctors are more qualified to know when a sperm and an egg become a human than fundamentalist christians are.

Do they sell abortion pills in stores?
No, they're dispensed through clinics only such as Planned Parenthood.

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The fact is that Santorum is focused upon fixing the economy, unlike extremist Obama who is more worried about enhancing the fascistic power of the state and pushing abortion, experimental types of marriage, etc upon the church and family. The American majority supports the issues that Santorum...

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Some1 pls help me find sites with statistics on abortion rates due to rape OR dating violence in the UK(only)?
I'm not sure if there are any studies that are solely limited to the UK when it comes to quantifying the reasons women seek abortions- the most widely accepted statistic that is meant to be generally applicable to all of the U.S. and similar countries (i.e. not countries like South Africa with...