Q: What is murder to an abortion advocate?

A:I also always thought it weird how libs are for abortion, killing an innocent baby is completely OK, but they are against the death penalty. They don't want to ...Read More »

Q: Why Do Abortion Advocates Hate Ultrasound Pictures?

A:Nobody "hates" ultrasound pictures. This is a dishonest--yet not surprising--tactic of the pro-slavery movement to describe a protest against comuplosory guilti...Read More »

Q: Why are pro-abortion advocates hysterical?

A:While I am pro-choice, I do find it interesting that people don't want "all the facts" before undergoing the procedure. How many liberals out here bleat the com...Read More »

Q: How can anti-abortion advocates think a fertilized egg is a "pers...

A:Biology is generally not amenable to the bright-line distinctions that we feel most comfortable with in thinking about the world. The question of when exactly l...Read More »

Q: What do you say to pro-lifers who can't fathom the mind of aborti...

A:A lot of pro-lifers don't see that for most pro-choice people there is something between life and nonlife, which sounds nonsensical to pro-life people. Everybod...Read More »

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Advocates believes it can best serve the field by boldly advocating for a more positive and realistic.Young women need the right to safe and legal abortion.
The 2015 legislative session is shaping up to be a primer in what abortion rights advocates call "junk science," with elected officials across the .
A Project of Advocates for Youth.Out of Silence: Abortion Stories from the 1 in 3 Campaign Adele Hampton for the 1 in 3 Campaign Bring 1 in 3 to your campus .
IPPF works to promote safe and legal abortion services, and advocates for choice .This is based on a conscientious commitment to upholding a woman s right to .
In this section you will find a list of useful resources that capacitate SRHR advocates to conduct effective advocacy to improve access to abortion services by .
Government cash keeps Planned Parenthood and other abortion.and five other abortion-advocacy organizations received hundreds of .
Ipas aims to advance women s reproductive health and increase access to safe abortion care through advocacy work at the international, national and .
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Post abortion... what will it be like?
why the SURGICAL ABORTION (its the one where the docs have to stick something up your vagina to remove the unborn baby right?)? as long as you abort before 6 weeks, you can opt for the medical abortion ---> the doc gives you some medication that causes a miscarriage...this one is A WHOLE LOT...

How are the abortion laws in Ireland beneficial?
It's not actually totally illegal in Ireland, it's legal in circumstances where the mothers life is in danger and similar, but it's rarely used as doctors have to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that mums life is in danger and if there's the slightest hint that that doctor made the wrong decision...

NY Times Editorial Calls for Law forcing Health Care workers to proform abortions: Is this Constitutional?
More simplistic ideology from the left, with absolutley ZERO thought for the consequences. Get ready for a shortage of doctors if this were to happen. Hopefully the NY Times staff would be the first to show up in an E-room with no doctors when terrorists dirty bomb NY after Obama reverses all...

Im 17 and would like an abortion performed. my parents CANNOT get involved (religously strict)WASHINGTON STATE?
What are my rights to abortion in Washington? * If you are under 18 years old and want an abortion, you do NOT need to get permission from your parents or legal guardian. * There is NO mandatory waiting period in your state before a teen can get an abortion. * Your state provides Medicaid coverage...

Bias articles about abortion?
Oh man, that's an easy one: (some of these are the news section of activist sites) - - - - -