Q: Where can you get abortion advice?

A:Planned Parenthood, friends, family, significant other, pastor/clergy.Read More »

Q: Abortion advice: is this right?

A:This person had an abortion? Too late. IF you really wanted to be there for your friend, you could have offered whatever support needed to prevent her from gett...Read More »

Q: Going to have a abortion advice?

A:I had an abortion and they gave me an ultrasound before giving me any medication. I was only 5 weeks and 6 days. My doctors office said you had to be at-least 5...Read More »

Q: Abortion Advice Please?

A:Update : i personly don't agree with abortion but who am i to judge. For the RU-486 pill (abortion pill) not to work, she's have to be very far along, like over...Read More »

Q: Abortion, what happens ? ADVICE PLEASE?

A:You'll get given two pills - one on the first day of your appointment and then another a day or two afterwards. The first pill is to ready your body for a misca...Read More »

abortion advice

The decision to have an abortion can be a very difficult one. There can be a lot of things to consider, so it s important that you get all of the necessary advice and .
If you need to discuss how you are feeling, you can contact a post-abortion counselling service such as CareConfidential, the British Pregnancy Advisory Service .
Abortion counselling and advice from bpas - we provide help for women facing an unplanned pregnancy and provide counselling before and after an abortion.
The leading provider of abortion services in the UK with over 40 abortion clinics and sexual health centres in England, Wales and Scotland.
Most women reach a decision about an abortion without professional support. However, for some women, professional counselling offers a valuable and .
I was hoping for some advice or opinions on abortion, I ve just found out I m around 5 weeks pregnant with number 4. This baby was not.
Unplanned pregnancy and abortion Find out where you can go for help and advice if you are pregnant and are not sure you want a baby.
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Still pregnat after vacuum abortion ????
I don't know if this is a genuine question - because most doctors would have done an immediate ultrasound of the uterus if they found you still seemed to be pregnant after an abortion. Anyway - of course you need a thorough examination. An ultrasound would show if the fetus was damaged or not...

Can anyone get an abortion on the nhs in the uk?
Its free in the UK if you have a referral. If you go to a doctor then it will be on your records. However if you go to a sexual health clinic or something alike, they can refer you and the fact you went to talk about an abortion will not be on your doctors records. If you have an abortion then...

Arguments For Abortion?
Really? COME ON. This is so easy. FOR -Rate of poverty would go down. (Single mothers w/ single paychecks don't really mother a child to well) -Rape. (It isn't the victims fault she was raped. Why should she be carrying a child from the rapist?) -Violence would decrease. (Children brought into...

Forced Abortion Coverage by Insurance Companies?
No, abortion isn't a part of it. The debate is over whether or not religious non-church institutions (Catholic hospitals and universities, for instance) should be exempt or not from the Affordable Care Act's requirement that contraception be covered under insurance without co-pays for employees...

Do you like to read about Good News concerning all Babies?
Blessings. this is good news for a lot of babies, maybe this way, some of the mom will change their minds, and decide to let they babies live. some many babies, have been murder all over the World , especially in America. If the mom life is not in danger, nor sickness that it's life treating...