Q: How sick is this pro-abortion ad?

A:Yup. Liberals are not the sharpest tack in the box. They seem to have abandoned logic and reason. They are Advocates of a policy that empowers a strong federal ...Read More »

Q: Where am I going wrong? Abort adding a new Record

A:You should use the BeforeUpdate event to trap this ... if the user has dirtied the record, then attempts to close the form, the BeforeUPdate will occur BEFORE t...Read More »

Q: How dishonest can the GOP be to air abortion ads during the Super...

A:If Mr. Terry thinks abortion is murder, then his correlations are understandable. Read my history before you claim to know my position on the matter. Let's say ...Read More »

Q: Why would it be acceptable to show abortion ads on TV before 9pm?

A:I am against abortion on a whole unless it's a good circumstance. In an ideal world teenagers shouldn't be having sex unless they are ready for the circumstance...Read More »

Q: Effects of Abortion - Added Question

A:I had an abortion. It was my first semester of college and though I can't prove anything, I'm convinced the guy slipped something into my drink based solely on ...Read More »

abortion ads

Anti-choice "crisis pregnancy centers" (CPCs) often advertise as if they provide abortion services or counseling, when in fact they are centers created to .
Gov. Scott Walker s position on abortion and a law he signed that restricts it are the subject of dueling TV ads in the 2014 Wisconsin .
NASHVILLE - NASHVILLE — The Tennessee House of Representatives gave approved two abortion bills, imposing more regulations on .
The organization took the Republican governor to task for backing a law it says hurt women s health by restricting their access to abortion and .
Bloomberg) -- Russia s antitrust regulator is fining Google Inc. 100,000 rubles ( $1,521) for advertising abortion clinics as President Vladimir .
Walker addresses abortion in a new ad launched the same day as an EMILY s List spot.
Representatives from Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin and the medical community called Walker s statements in the ad .
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Would It Cost Anything To Put A Stop To All Late Term Abortions?
well i don't really agree with abortion but being a guy i have no say what a woman does with her body. baring health risks for the baby or the mother. there shouldn't be any cost raise or fall by stopping it.

Why didn't Republicans outlaw abortion?
republicans have a vested interest in making sure that abortion remains legal.... it allows them to whip up their deluded constituents into a wild-eyed frenzy and keeps campaign donations flowing into their coffers. In the first trimester, the state had no power to restrict abortion- beginning...

What are the some reasons for a late 2nd and 3rd trimester abortions?
if its not a life threating condition where the baby isnt healthy and may die even then i think it should be left into fates hands, used to be pro choice but after getting pregnant myself im very pro life, babies didnt ask to be created and they are living from the moment that heart beats...

Which country has no abortion? Even nun monasteries have abortions as evidence of buried unborns were revealed when certain old monasteries were demolished. Have you heard of Saudi Arabia? They have abortions! How about Iran? They have abortions!...

Can you give me any facts on abortion to prove its wrong?
A rarely coved "abortion topic" is the fact there is nothing medically different between a natural and artificial abortion. Meaning all of us who have suffered a natural abortion have enough on out plate, without all the anti-abortion hate-mongering. IF all the anti-abortion claims had any...