Q: Which costs more abortion adoption or birth?

A:Raising a child that you can not afford emotionally, financially or physically.Read More »

Q: Why do people advice abortion/adoption?

A:I totally understand where you are coming from. I understand in some cases like rape, sexual abuse, very young teenage mothers but people who are just not caref...Read More »

Q: What are your personal opinions on abortion, adoption and parenti...

A:I'm a parent to an 18 month old. For the most part, I'm against abortion. I got pregnant at 16 so it was something I was considering at the time. I did a lot of...Read More »

Q: Which is cheater abortion or adoption?

A:Do you by any chance mean cheaper? Abortion cost from around $500 and adoption should not cost you anything if the parents pay for the health care. It depends i...Read More »

Q: How to decide between abortion and adoption?

A:1. Explore your moral beliefs. If you think that abortion is morally wrong, opt for giving your baby up for adoption to loving and caring parents. 2. Know your ...Read More »

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There is only one adoption for every 149 abortions performed. If the facts about adoption were better understood, there would be more women happy with their .
There are three main paths: parenting, abortion or adoption. American Adoptions has gathered some information for you to review that may guide you in making .
They just knew that they couldn t parent a child—and, without the ability to access an abortion, adoption was their last resort. It s also worth .
Learn more about the choices available when facing an unplanned pregnancy, including raising the baby, adoption, and abortion, in this patient education FAQ.
Adoption is the kind, loving choice for everyone involved.Countless women in the U.S. choose abortion over adoption for their unborn babies .
Just because the decisions to choose abortion or adoption can occur within the same pregnancy, does not mean that they are part and parcel .
Striving to find the "middle ground" on abortion -- that is, coming up with ways acceptable to pro-choice and pro-life Americans alike to reduce the number of .
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Abortion Debate....Pro choice ?
What if the women's life was in danger, should she be forced to carry a baby to term only to risk her life in the process. I believe in both sides to the story and think an abortion should be done under certain circumstances. Using abortion as a form of birth control is the lowest of lows.

Pro-lifers, are you only against elective abortions...?
I believe abortion is a viable medical procedure in rare cases, so no I don't believe in banning it entirely.

Surgical Abortion.. Need Help On Advice! Asap, Thank you.?
1. You're given a local anaesthetic. An early surgical abortion isn't terribly painful, but it's not painless. Most women describe it as feeling like menstrual cramps. 2. An abortion at that stage is very low-risk. In the US there are generally around 3 complications for every 100 procedures...

The Church's stance on abortion?
Who cares what the churches stance is on abortion. There are several non religious reasons on why abortions should not be legal. 1) The child is an independent life of its own. Just because it depends on the mother for survival doesn't give the mother the right to kill it. If that was the case...

True OR False? Portable Abortion Clinics soon to be a Thriving Business in Madison, WI?
yes it is the liberal dating game and abortion clinic on wheels or rolling vermin as some have called it