Q: Abortion addict on foxnews?

A:Well, you can find a psychotic, self-destructive, low self-esteem type person for any situation or issue. But that does not make them normal, common or represen...Read More »

Q: What do you think of this book by a self-confessed "abortion addi...

A:Vomit worthy. Absolutely no excuse for this...hasn't she heard of contraception or sterilisation? She should have been made to view all of the foetuses she had ...Read More »

Q: How much tax money was used to pay for a confessed "abortion addi...

A:It is unknown how much was used that was way too much, the woman needs to be awaiting trial not hocking some lame book !Read More »

Q: Can you get addicted to abortion pills?

A:No they are not addictive. Are you sure you mean pills used for abortion and not birth control pills? They are not addictive either but they are taken every day...Read More »

Q: I'm addicted to abortions?

A:I've been told I have an addictive personality. As a child, I was addicted to food, which I overcame with the help of a therapist. After a two-year battle, at t...Read More »

abortion addict

American abortion addict reveals she terminated 15 pregnancies in 17.A woman has admitted to being an abortion addict after having 15 .
Impossible Motherhood: Testimony of an Abortion Addict [Irene Vilar, Robin Morgan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Irene Vilar was just .
Impossible Motherhood (full title: Impossible Motherhood: Testimony of an Abortion Addict) is a memoir by Irene Vilar. It is the second memoir published by Vilar, .
Abortion addict describes shocking reproductive past as health experts struggle with why women have multiple unwanted pregnancies.
Her 15 abortions seem like the product of depression and a bad relationship,. Abortion Addict Confesses 15 Procedures In 16 Years [ABC]
Experts have identified a worrying pattern of “abortion addiction” in some women. Author Irene Vilar, 40, caused outrage recently by publishing .
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Abortion pill questions?
No, nobody can obtain a prescription for the medication abortion pills except the pregnant individual- they won't prescribe them unless they can verify that you are indeed pregnant and under the 9 weeks' gestation requirement. Indiana requires parental consent, so at least one of your parents...

What free clinics in MD can you get birth control pills from ?
This is all I could find (I live on the other side of the country and don't know much about MD) They offer abortions and birth control. They offer birth control and abortions

Why do pro-lifers lie and hate women's rights to abort?
It's all about $lut shaming. They don't care about the POTENTIAL child, they just want the woman to be punished for having sex. "If you didn't want a baby, you shouldn't have opened your legs ya damn skank! Deal with the consequences" blah blah blah, notice how they never mention the man...

Do u like abortion?
Why ask a question like this on a pregnancy forum? No one LIKES abortion, not even people who believe in a right to choose and and respect a women's right to seek one under competant medical supervision.

Does anyone have footage from 1973 of abortion protests?
I was 18 in 1973 and remember Roe v Wade caused more relief than outrage. I do not recall any marches/protests. Women were actively demanding their reproductive rights. Really, I do not remember any mass protests against the decision. The anti-abortion movement was tacitly and actively supported...