Q: What is the Abortion Access Project?

A:From our video partners Pregnancy Taking care of yourself with baby on the way. "AAP and several of our colleague organizations are working toward a different v...Read More »

Q: Pro-choicers, what is the bigger crime against women rape or rest...

A:"Isn't that just claiming that most women who have an abortion were raped or a victim of incest. No, I don't think so- I think it has more to do with people thi...Read More »

Q: Prochoicers, what is this universal problem you are fighting agai...

A:I am fighting for: 1) Women being respected as independent, autonomous individuals whose worth is not solely defined by their ability to bear children. 2) Women...Read More »

Q: How does restricting access to abortion harm women?

A:I think that if a woman does not want a pregnancy, she will figure out a way to do it. Unfortunately, when access to a legal, safe abortion is denied, the measu...Read More »

Q: Which party is generally more supportive of restricting access to...

A:Republicans.Read More »

abortion access

Planned Parenthood believes that women facing an unintended pregnancy must have access to safe, legal abortion services without interference from the .
“Abortion access,” she shouted, as Liberal MLA Robert Mitchell listed initiatives pledged by the Liberal party so far through the election .
ACCESS provides free, confidential and nonjudgmental information, referrals, peer counseling and advocacy to women seeking abortion, and can help with .
The Abortion Access Fund was established in 2000, and its primary mission is to help ensure that no woman is refused the health care she needs due to lack of .
Access by Province. By Michelle Siobhan Reid. Abortion has been legally unrestricted in Canada since 1988. Under the Canada Health Act, a federal piece of .
The New York Abortion Access Fund supports anyone who is unable to pay fully for an abortion and is living in or traveling to New York State by providing .
The Abortion Access Network of Arizona provides financial assistance to people seeking abortions in the state of Arizona, with no exceptions.
Popular Q&A

Does multiple abortion affect future fertility?
If you still want more kids one day, then you need to have this one. You're 37 years old, getting close to the 4-0. As far as having too many terminations affecting fertility, yes, it can affect it as well. Age can also affect that if you think about it.

Is emergency contraception considered abortion?
No it is not considered an abortion. The "morning after" pill prevents the egg from attaching to the wall of the uterus so it can start to divide and grow. So it is not an abortion in any way. I do believe it was a good thing to do if you didn't want a baby. Every month you lose an egg with...

Abortion options for a minor in Michigan?
You would have to go through court to get a waiver. Here's information on the process: Re the attorney, note this from the cited page: "You can ask the court to appoint an attorney or guardian ad litem to help you before or after filing the petition...

Abortion scarring how do they know?
You won't have scarring after an abortion unless there was a medical error such as the doctor punctures your uterus with an instrument, which you would definitely know of. A doctor won't be able to tell you have had an abortion from a physical exam. If the cervix was dilated for the abortion...

Bleeding after medical abortion?
10 weeks sounds like an awfully long time to still have bleeding and cramping. Did you take antibiotics after the procedure? Have you had a follow-up appointment? My post abortion bleeding only lasted about 2 1/2 weeks. Perhaps you should make another appointment to make sure that all of the...