Q: What do you think of this argument against abolitionists of abort...

A:One of the problems of the Pro-Life movement is that it is dominated by religious people. Don't get me wrong - that is not the fault of the religious people! It...Read More »

Q: Abortion abolitionists: should women have to carry to term babies...

A:There are very few. if any. people who would abolish ALL abortions. We just are appalled by how the whole process is given no more thought than having a wart re...Read More »

Q: Has the term "abolitionist" ever been applied to abortion opponen...

A:I think it's two different animals, I don't think it fits. If I find some thing I'll let you knowRead More »

abortion abolitionist

Abolition is the expression of a moral action. When you call yourself “pro-life” you are letting people know what you think about abortion. When you call yourself .
BRINGING THE GOSPEL INTO CONFLICT WITH THE EVIL OF OUR AGE. Following in the footsteps of former abolitionist movements, we aim to end one of the . Frequently Asked Questions - Map of Abolitionist Societies - What is an Abolitionist?
Anti-abortion “abolitionists” believe the only way to end abortion is to convert the entire country to their version of Christianity, thereby making .
Declaration of Sentiments Regarding Abortion and its Abolition in the United States, presented by representatives of the International Coalition of Abolition.
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While abolitionists of an earlier age identified Human Salvery as the primary dehumanizing force in their culture, we believe that Human Abortion is the primary .
Their first section has the heading " Abolitionist is not a synonym for.There is no difference between "abortion abolitionist" and "pro-life .
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im really sorry to say but it does sound like a missed miscarriage, my friend went through the same thing she went for a scan at 11 weeks 3 days pregnant and they told her that the baby stopped growing at 9 weeks and no heart beat she never had no bleeding no cramps or any signs the baby had...

Abortion Prostitution hypocrisy?
The point is social rights aren't necessarily moral because they aren't necessarily fundamental rights (assuming some exist). Thus you can legalise abortion just on the basis that it is practical and is in the best interests of society at large. And you can then go and say prostitution is illegal...

What are some landmark cases concerning abortion (in the US history)?
The definitive landmark case regarding abortion is Roe vs Wade in 1973. According to Wikipedia... "Roe v. Wade, 410 U.S. 113 (1973),[1] was a landmark decision by the United States Supreme Court on the issue of abortion. The Court held that the constitutional right to privacy extends to a...

If someone takes the abortion pill do they risk the same complications in future pregnancies...?
One of the side effects of the abortion pill is impaired future fertility: However, I have not seen any data on whether or not using the abortion pill leads to complications once a future baby is conceived. The abortion...