Q: Is abortion a womans right to choose?

A:Yes, legally, but I think it is sooo wrong. The Bible says that God knows us, hair color, eye color, our name, before we are even born. Now, people who are not ...Read More »

Q: Why do they call abortion a woman's right to CHOOSE?

A:Sorry I think the term fetus is a cop out when it comes to a baby.. Some pro choices stand hard behind the "its a fetus not a baby" but seriously tell me the di...Read More »

Q: Abortion, a Woman's Right to Choose and Reproductive Rights

A:Two of the arguments asserted in favor of legal abortion with no restrictions are the claim to a woman's right to choose, and a claim to reproductive rights. Ne...Read More »

Q: Abortion -A Woman's right to choose or Ungodly?

A:Faith is something that comes from the heart. What one believes in becomes a personal choice. The human spirit is given free will. Ultimately, that free will de...Read More »

Q: abortion - woman's right to choose or ungodly?

A:This is a bomb of a question. It depends on your point of view. If you are a Christian, the taking of a life, especially an innocent one is unthinkable. Yet, he...Read More »

abortion a woman's right to choose

I support Women s right to choose as I believe that all women should have. Often, the reasons that women choose to abortion or even parenthood has to do .
Here are some of the women s rights arguments in favour of abortion:.and most of them acknowledge that choosing an abortion is usually a case of choosing .
Abortion represents a woman s right to choose whether or not to continue a pregnancy, and this is a fundamental human right and reproductive freedom that is .
Regarding abortion law, the political debate usually surrounds a right to.wrote : "No woman can call herself free until she can choose consciously whether she .
Abortion: It s every Womans Right to Choose. By Patricia McCarthy. Anarchists believe that every woman has the right to choose an abortion when faced with a .
In April 1992, abortion rights supporters were organizing, as the.nor does it explicitly guarantee the right to choose for women under age 18.
I unreservedly support a woman s right to terminate her pregnancy, and I have no moral issue with abortion. But it s precisely because I support .
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Hi, hon. Please listen to your heart and to your conscience. You know that it would not be right for you to take the life of your child. There is no more important gift you can give your baby than LIFE. This is so much more important than anything material, and I'm sure your born children...

Is protesting outside an abortion clinic illegal?
whats the big deal with abortion? if barbara bush had them we would all be happier

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whatever you do don't have an abortion that is the worst thing you can even think about I mean the baby is innocent and didn't have anything to do with your problem and your not even gonna give it a chance to live i mean god gave you that baby so that you can give it life not so that you can...

I really would not like any negative comments but i have been really depressed because i have had 2 abortions? This may or may not be helpful. God forgives all. I hope you heal well. Remember you are braver than you believe and stronger than you seem. If you want, you can email me- I've been through...

Why do Pro-lifers always use fake pictures when protesting abortion?
For the sake of your question, lets say the Pro lifers use fake pictures. ..(yada yada yada ) (proof?) You are aware, that your country has upwards of 50 million children who never saw the light of day? Doesn't that sheer number of lost lives say something about the lack of character, conscience...