Q: abortions and 8 weeks pregnant ?

A:Unless any abortion was totally botched, I don't see why there would be a problemRead More »

Q: How much is an abortion if your 8 weeks pregnant?

A:Please don't do it. There are so many parents who want a child and cannot have it. My dad's gf got pregnant when he was 19. They gave the child up for adoption....Read More »

Q: Can you have the abortion pill at 8 weeks pregnant?

A:yes u can i have done it and it was very sucessful for meRead More »

Q: How much would it cost for abortion if your 7 to 8 weeks pregnant...

A:Planned Parenthood take about $350-600 for a medical abortion.Read More »

Q: Im having a medical abortion tomorrow as im around 8 weeks pregna...

A:Don't worry, sweetheart -- it's not scary at all. Trust me. Don't get so worked up about it! Try to relax. I had a medication abortion a few years ago. My birth...Read More »

abortion 8 weeks pregnant

Generally, an abortion should be carried out as early in the pregnancy as possible, usually before 12 weeks and ideally before 9 weeks where possible.
Before you look at the pictures of the babies aborted at 8 weeks, I want to.2 weeks later I found out I was a few weeks pregnant pregnant.
Medical abortion has been shown to be effective through the first trimester (12. been pregnant for longer than 12 weeks and do a medical abortion anyway, the medicines still work and cause an abortion.85-91 days (12-13 weeks), 8% .
Roughly one-half of all abortions are done during the first 8 weeks of pregnancy and about 88% during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.
This story describes a medical abortion at 8 weeks. The 29 year old woman found the hardest thing was waiting for her appointment, and also describes the .
Abortion by Pill (RU486) Mifeprex and Misoprostol Abortion Pill up to 8 weeks. use of this combination of medications to terminate pregnancies up to 8 weeks.
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Can i have an abortion at 16 weeks?
no, that baby is a baby and most drs wont do abortions past 14 weeks. that baby has a beating heart, arms legs, 10 fingers and ten toes. he or she is clearly a boy or girl, s/he can suck their thumb, they urinate the amniotic fluid they swallow. shes moving a kicking around in there which soon...

Will this be the Abortionists' last stand?
I can't decide if they're better or worse than "Fargo" (& the wood-chipper).

Info on Herbal Abortion ?
Ergot will often trigger an abortion, but it might also result in birth defects. Most herbal abortificants are toxic, which is fairly logical considering that they do what they do. Pennyroyal is another one, and again, it is quite toxic and dangerous. Some polynesian cultures used underripe...

Is abortion on demand legal, in most US states, in the second trimester?
Each State has its own legislation. Example: Abortion on demand is not legal in South Dakota, the life of the mother must be at risk, the law there is so restrictive (I think widely acknowleged as the most restrictive laws of all in the USA): Canada...

I'm 5 weeks pregnant and my boyfriend wants me to get an abortion but I don't want to ?
Stay strong! He may not be ready for the responsibility, but asking you to abort your child as well as his- shows he's a coward who is afraid of responsibility and sees you as more of an object than a person. Don't let him turn you or your child into an object. If you need help or support look...