Q: Who has checked out this website -

A:Well I JUST did - and wish I didn't......Read More »

Q: Has any one checked out the web site ""?

A:I have now. Looks pretty well set up. Eye-catching, great style, willing to make sites for me? It's perfect. I get the feeling this is a ad in disguise.Read More »

Q: Caught SIGSEGV signal, cleaning up , Aborted error during starti...

A:I assume incompatibility with existing linux software (glibc) Reinstall nmap - from sources. Download and recompile.Read More »

Q: I have taken i pill after 73 hour of unsafe sex now i am pragnent...

A:Doctor is right. Abort the fetus. The truth about morning after pills: The chances of failure of a regular contraceptive pill to avoid pregnancy are merely 0.00...Read More »

Q: House GOP Bills 2013: 46 abortion, 113 religion, 73 family relati...

A:52 jobs bills. from the house. all on Harry Reid's desk. someone left out the facts.Read More »

abortion 73

Abort73 exists because abortion exists. And because a deep and accurate understanding of abortion does not exist. If you ll invest a few moments in serious, .
In all, 73 abortion facilities shut down for all or part of the year. The total number of all remaining abortion clinics in the US is currently 739.
A new survey conducted by Operation Rescue of all abortion facilities in the United States has confirmed that the abortion clinic closure trend .
Abort73. 40418 likes · 479 talking about this. Abort73 exists because a widespread understanding of abortion does not exist. Educate yourself. Educate.. .
The total number of surgical abortion clinics in U.S. fell 12% to 582 in 2013 - a 73 % decline from a high of 2,176 in 1991. Texas led all states .
A Bloomberg report from late November finds that at least 73 U.S. abortion clinics have shut down since 2011, and that roughly half of these .
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I'm gay and I'm against abortion. Do you also think so?
You're not special for being an anti-abortion gay guy. Not every LGBT person is a diehard liberal. At any rate, I am pro-choice. Most anti-abortion folks have no idea how the female body even works, much less abortion or Planned Parenthood. It's just a means of trying to control the female...

Attention grabber for pro-choice abortion speech?
Forty-two million abortions are performed world wide each year. That's more than the entire population of Canada, which would cost unprepared families over five hundred billion dollars in just one year... (42 million abortions in a year worldwide. 35 million people in canada. approx. $12'000...

After 40 years, why are we still debating abortion rights?
You're right, but it's more than just debate, unfortunately. Mississippi’s lone abortion clinic fights to stay open 40 years after Roe v. Wade, more states restricting abortion Prior to Roe v Wade, the #1...

Should I loan my Best friend $ Four thousand so she can get a late term abortion?
Hi. boy, you got a lot of answers to this one didn't you. It's obvious you care very much about your friend and want to help her. If you don't give her the money, could she find it somewhere else? Probably. Right now your friend is really hurting, the guy she loves doesn't love her any...