Q: Abortion at 13 weeks?

A:my friend has a 1 year old son...she just had a miscarriage and now shes 13 weeks pregnant and getting an abortion this week. i know shes not in the area to hav...Read More »

Q: Can you get an abortion at 13 weeks?

A:Yes you can.Read More »

Q: Should I get an abortion at 13 weeks?

A:Hunny, please please dont feel that way about yourself. you are spending time with the wrong men. you ARE attractive dont say that you are not. the man sounds l...Read More »

Q: Can you go through to have an abortion at 13 weeks?

A:Abortions mean loss and pain... having a child is an incredible gift. Later in your life, you will regret having an abortion, but if you decide not to, you will...Read More »

Q: Can I Take Cytotec To Abort A 13 Weeks Old Baby?

A:This medicine can be helpful in inducing abortion before 49 days of pregnancy. 13 week pregnancy should be removed surgically. AnonymousRead More »

abortion 13 weeks

Family Planning Associates Medical Group offer second trimester abortion.The Abortion Pill (up to 10 weeks) ·- First trimester abortion (up to 13 weeks) .
licensed clinic. There are a number of different medical and surgical methods of abortion.Early medical abortion (up to nine weeks of pregnancy). An early .
If a medical abortion is carried out after nine weeks, you may need a second dose of prostaglandin. If you have a medical abortion between weeks of .
For surgical abortion procedures at 13-14 weeks, the cervix needs some softening prior to the procedure. To help the cervix soften, the patient swallows 2 tablets .
Misoprostol still works after 12 weeks of pregnancy but the chance of.If you are 13-20 weeks pregnant, you can use misoprostol to induce your abortion.
Medical abortion has been shown to be effective through the first trimester (12 weeks) and has been successfully used during the second trimester.13 In 2004, .
I am 18 years old. Yesterday I had a medical abortion. I found out that I was pregnant almost 2 weeks ago. I was shocked but had been feeling strange for quite .
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Dear Jord, your interpretation of the video you saw is purely an emotional response. The unborn baby has no comprehension of what is happening. At that stage of developement it probably can't think, has no emotions and no sensations. As a student nurse I did a project on why adults are given...

Spiritually speaking, how is it that the kind of people who are against abortion "right to life"?
I suspect the main problem is that "right to live" people think of the world in black and white and think that humans always have a choice in a matter. So women who get pregnant choose for the risk or to be so, but a fetus hasn't had the chance to choose anything so it must be protected. Similarly...

Should the Abortion limit be lower?
I've been pregnant 6 times and have 4 children. By week 18, I could feel my baby moving, kicking, bouncing around in my belly. Don't you think that at week 24 the baby will feel the pain as it's being killed? At 24 weeks, that baby is formed. 10 fingers and 10 toes. The things left to complete...

Which is better/less traumatic, a clinical abortion or taking the abortion pill?
As someone who works in a clinic that provides both types of abortion and has therefore dealt with hundreds of women who have undergone these procedures, I strongly recommend the surgical (clinical) abortion. All of the doctors I work with, who are OB GYNs with 20+ years of experience, strongly...

Liberals: How do you feel about the fact that a new Gallup poll found that 58% of Americans oppose abortion?
well, contrary to what liberals may or may not think abortion is murder. the hypocrates oath from over 2000 years ago states that in no case will a doctor take the life of his/her patient. in fact it's the doctors job to preserve life. liberals have no concern for life, or innocence of children...