Q: Who has checked out this website -

A:Well I JUST did - and wish I didn't......Read More »

Q: Has any one checked out the web site ""?

A:I have now. Looks pretty well set up. Eye-catching, great style, willing to make sites for me? It's perfect. I get the feeling this is a ad in disguise.Read More »

Q: Are there videos that show an actual abortion?

A:Yes, the first movie of an abortion is called "The Silent Scream". It was made by Bernard Nathenson who was a dr. who did abortions. He wanted to be the first t...Read More »

Q: What do you think the video for the song teardrop by massive atta...

A:BirthRead More »

Q: Is it wrong for pro-lifers (or people who lobby against abortion)...

A:I am strongly pro-life. That said, I have never been fond of this tactic. I don't like the shock aspect, I think it's perpetuates a negative stereotype of pro-l...Read More » abortion video

With the exception of the final scene (a second-trimester fetus), all of the video you will see depicts children who were killed during first-trimester abortions.
The entire library of abortion-related videos from
A two-minute video overview of abortion: what it is, who it affects, how it is performed, why it happens, and why it is unjust. A small portion of this video .
PLAY VIDEO: January 1973. INTRO (JANUARY 1973). OVERVIEW OF ABORTION. GET INVOLVED. 00:00. "The end of a war and the death of a. President got .
A five-minute video overview of abortion: what it is, who it affects, how it is performed, why it happens, and why it is unjust. A small portion of this video .
Abortion is an act of violence that kills an innocent human being. Portions of this video presentation include graphic images of severe injustice. They are .
To embed this video on your own page, grab the embed code from YouTube or Facebook. To download a full-resolution (Quicktime) version of this video, click .
Popular Q&A

Why is abortion important to you?
I am almost 50, so abortion means nothing to me. HOWEVER...having someone else make rules for my body, or any other female's body is what the Roe v Wade is mostly about. If the government can tell my daughter what she can do with her body, what is to stop them from gong that next step?? Old...

Has anyone bought the abortion pill from this site?
WOW, that's NOT safe. You need to be monitored by a medical doctor and have a prescription for this pill! Having an abortion, or even a spontaneous miscarriage, is something that requires medical attention! You also need to see a doctor to see how far along you are, because this pill is only...

Shot given after a pregnant abortion to help for Future Pregnancy?
My guess is that it may have been a Rh immunoglobulin. Here is the layman description: Basically, if you have a negative blood type (ie A-, B-, AB-), there are antibodies that your body produces during your first pregnancy. Not a problem... until you get pregnant again. Then the antibodies...

Minors getting abortions?
What do you mean your parents cannot find out? Sure they can! And you may be amazed to know that the world will not end if they do. Life will go on. In fact maybe you can turn this for your own good and enjoy seeing their amazed reaction! Teens are getting pregnant all the time and this...

Can i get pregnant after an abortion?
I'm not aiming to judge. I prefer to answer questions based on my knowledge, not based on my opinion or beliefs. Putting someone down, in my opinion is wrong, and doesn't make me feel any better. I'm prolife, and would never in a million years abort, but your life and cicumstances are none...