Q: How is mitt Romney going to abolish abortion?

A:He wont.Read More »

Q: Should we abolish abortion?

A:I dont think it will help, there will be the same amount of $luts out there except they'll have kids we will be paying civil services for.Read More »

Q: Why do religous people try to abolish abortion?

A:It's not fair to say religious people - you're talking about pro-lifers. Granted a lot of pro-lifers are also religious but not all religious people are pro-lif...Read More »

Q: What state's legislature in March 2006 attempted to enact a statu...

A:South Dakota.Read More »

Q: Why should abortion be abolished in the USA?Why should abortion b...

A:The most common answer to this would be that a fetus is a human being. People who believe this believe that a fetus is a human being from the moment that it is ...Read More »

abolish abortion

BRINGING THE GOSPEL INTO CONFLICT WITH THE EVIL OF OUR AGE. Following in the footsteps of former abolitionist movements, we aim to end one of the . Frequently Asked Questions - Map of Abolitionist Societies - What is an Abolitionist?
The official Abolish Abortion app has everything you need to be an effective pro- life activist right at the touch of your iPhone, iPod or iPad. Not only will you find .
Abolish Human Abortion. 35665 likes · 2304 talking about this. Exhorting the people of God to love their unborn neighbors and to be salt and light in a.
Abolish Human Abortion thinks the anti-abortion movement is too timid. They re all about graphic imagery. And they re coming to a high school .
As we work to bring about the abolition of human abortion, one of the first steps we must take is to MAKE OUR DISSENT VISIBLE. As the abolitionists of slavery .
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I wonder what AHA would say of someone like me, a conservative Protestant Christian who seeks to abolish abortion in the United States, but .
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How much does an abortion cost at planned parenthood in virginia beach virginia?
The cost of abortions can vary, but it's often between $300-600 for early and uncomplicated abortions. Should you ever need one and the cost would prevent you from getting one, there are funds that can help you afford it. It's *possible* that you're pregnant, but it's very, very unlikely. Pre-come...

Some questions/concerns regarding abortion and planned parenthood?
1. surgical abortion is easier, less painful, and takes less amount of time. I've heard too many horror stories of taking the pill, I guess the pain is excruciating and there's a lot of heavy bleeding. 2. I believe they're the same cost, $400-600ish (so I've heard, don't quote me on that.)...

Is this a common reason to support Abortion among Liberals?
Abortion is good enough for for those liberal babies, and other babies...but not MINE ! The world would greatly miss my 5 children.

Why do pro-lifers lie and hate women's rights to abort?
It's all about $lut shaming. They don't care about the POTENTIAL child, they just want the woman to be punished for having sex. "If you didn't want a baby, you shouldn't have opened your legs ya damn skank! Deal with the consequences" blah blah blah, notice how they never mention the man...

How can God be anti-abortion when He's pro-infanticide?
The idea that the Judeo-Christian/Islamic god is against abortion is a VERY recent development in Christian History. Until the 1970's, it wasn't a "Sin" to abort a pregnancy, the bible gives a specific procedure by which a man can force an abortion on his wife, and even the founding fathers...