Q: Is it normal to have an abnormal period after an abortion?

A:Ignore them - sometimes contraception just doesn't work, no matter how responsible you are and how good it may be. You've just gotta remember it was the right t...Read More »

Q: But nw i am having the same problem & didn't get my peiods yet,so...

A:Hello, Shan, Any time you take any kind of hormones, it is going to change your hormonal balance. Each woman is an individual and will respond in a different wa...Read More »

Q: Abnormal periods for months after abortion, is something wrong?

A:The pain during sex and odour is likely to be directly related to the BV and possible yeast infections. The little cyst type things I imagine are coming up beca...Read More »

Q: When will your period arrive after having an abortion?

A:First you bleed for 2-4 weeks and after that it should arrive within 2 months counting from the abortion.Read More »

Q: How will be the periods after abortion in 5 weeks?

A:It varies for each woman. It should be back within 8 weeks and it can be more and longer than usual or shorter and less than usual. It will be back to normal in...Read More »

abnormal period after abortion

Since having an abortion, my periods have been irregular and when I do.of irregular bleeding and of prolonged bleeding after abortion).
It is common to have irregular periods after ending a pregnancy. Sometimes regular periods don t return for two to three months. Don t worry, your periods will .
i had an abortion on 2/4/06, and after the abortion i am having irregular period sometimes 30 to 40 days in between. Does having an abortion .
The reason the period after an abortion may be delayed or irregular is because the body may retain some pregnancy hormones. The body may .
Caring for Yourself After an Abortion. What should.Learn about normal and abnormal side effects.Your first period will begin 4 to 6 weeks after the abortion.
Period after abortion: when to expect one, can you get pregnant before your. your menstrual cycle gets regular, there are many alterations due to abortion that .
Even weeks after the abortion, the residual effects of having been pregnant earlier will.In women with irregular periods prior to pregnancy, the first period after .
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