Q: Is it normal to have an abnormal period after an abortion?

A:Ignore them - sometimes contraception just doesn't work, no matter how responsible you are and how good it may be. You've just gotta remember it was the right t...Read More »

Q: But nw i am having the same problem & didn't get my peiods yet,so...

A:Hello, Shan, Any time you take any kind of hormones, it is going to change your hormonal balance. Each woman is an individual and will respond in a different wa...Read More »

Q: Abnormal periods for months after abortion, is something wrong?

A:The pain during sex and odour is likely to be directly related to the BV and possible yeast infections. The little cyst type things I imagine are coming up beca...Read More »

Q: When will your period arrive after having an abortion?

A:First you bleed for 2-4 weeks and after that it should arrive within 2 months counting from the abortion.Read More »

Q: How will be the periods after abortion in 5 weeks?

A:It varies for each woman. It should be back within 8 weeks and it can be more and longer than usual or shorter and less than usual. It will be back to normal in...Read More »

abnormal period after abortion

Since having an abortion, my periods have been irregular and when I do.of irregular bleeding and of prolonged bleeding after abortion).
It is common to have irregular periods after ending a pregnancy. Sometimes regular periods don t return for two to three months. Don t worry, your periods will .
i had an abortion on 2/4/06, and after the abortion i am having irregular period sometimes 30 to 40 days in between. Does having an abortion .
The reason the period after an abortion may be delayed or irregular is because the body may retain some pregnancy hormones. The body may .
Caring for Yourself After an Abortion. What should.Learn about normal and abnormal side effects.Your first period will begin 4 to 6 weeks after the abortion.
Period after abortion: when to expect one, can you get pregnant before your. your menstrual cycle gets regular, there are many alterations due to abortion that .
Even weeks after the abortion, the residual effects of having been pregnant earlier will.In women with irregular periods prior to pregnancy, the first period after .
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It is normal, and the lack of cramping is a good sign! Cramping (or bleeding) thats worse than the day of the procedure can indicate infection (and can indicate they didn't remove everything during the procedure) Its normal to have minimal bleeding for 48hours afterwards. You should experience...