Q: Abnormal bleeding/cramping after surgical abortion?

A:Go to a doctor and tell them your problem, they'll be able to fix you up ; they'll also tell you if you need to go to the ER.Read More »

Q: Abnormal bleeding/cramping after surgical abortion?

A:I would say you at least need to call up your provider and ask if they want you to come in, and if they aren't available, then yes I would go to the ER. You sho...Read More »

Q: When should bleeding stop after abortion?

A:It's individual and can go on for 3-4 weeks.Read More »

Q: Why do you bleed after and abortion?

A:The abortion makes the uterus contract and the lining of the uterus to let go. That has to come out and it will bleed before it is done healing.Read More »

Q: How long bleeding goes for after an abortion.?

A:Shannon, Those pills are powerful and wreak havoc with your hormonal system. Nobody knows how long a given woman will bleed after taking them. It could even be ...Read More »

abnormal bleeding after abortion

Heavy bleeding is the most common problem after an abortion. It is usually caused by pieces of the pregnancy . Heavy bleeding from the vagina - Emergency Help for Too Much. - Shock
This is necessary to prevent infection and blood loss and to end the pregnancy, because medical abortion medicines cause birth defects. The following health .
Uterine cramping is normal after any kind of abortion- the main way that your uterus controls bleeding is to contract, squeezing the blood .
Bleeding after an abortion also varies- some women have no bleeding at all after .If bleeding is heavy, it is helpful to lie down for a while and put up your feet- .
Abnormal vaginal bleeding can occur after a suction, manual or medication abortion. All women are warned to be on the lookout for .
Another possibility is that you have had some infection (this is a common cause of irregular bleeding and of prolonged bleeding after abortion).
If you have an infection after an abortion, you may bleed heavily from your. Repeated abortions can cause damage to your cervix and increase the risk of late .
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