Q: Pressure in rectum and abdominal pain after abortion.

A:Hello, Victoria, What concerns me is the possibility that the copper coil has perforated your uterus. You could be bleeding internally. This is a dangerous situ...Read More »

Q: Is abdominal pain normal after an abortion?

A:cramping is normal after a termination. as long as it's not severe and followed by heavy bleeding, you are fine. just take some tylenol or some other pain kille...Read More »

Q: Lower Abdominal pain 10 months after abortion, what can it be?

A:omg same! i had an abortion in march2012 but mine went horribly wrong and im still in and out hospital go to gp and they will scan you.Read More »

Q: Bleeding and abdominal pain 19 weeks after abortion?

A:If the bleeding or cramping is worse than the day of the procedure, you do need medical attention. If you are passing large clots or have a raised temperature, ...Read More »

Q: After Abortion pain in Thighs, Lower abdomin, and fever.

A:Dear Rashmi, I am so sorry for the delay but I just found your question in the question pool at Apparently, Laura was not able to answer your qu...Read More »

abdominal pain after abortion

Abortion-related complications are rare in the United States, but they do happen. .Contact your provider if intense pain persists after you ve used a.and burst the tube, causing severe pain and bleeding in your abdomen.
The physical side effects after an abortion will vary from woman to woman. Severe abdominal and back pain that prohibits you from standing up- Bleeding that .
Bleeding after an abortion also varies- some women have no bleeding at all after an.Some have a feeling of pressure in their lower abdomen or pain in their .
Pain in the lower abdomen can have many causes. It can be .
Cramping on and off for 2 to 3 weeks after your abortion is perfectly normal. During this time, you may feel pressure in your lower abdomen or pain in the lower .
The cramps will decrease after the tube is removed.Severe pain in the abdomen that is not relieved by pain medicine, rest, or heat- Hot .
The risk of complications after an abortion is rare.Women frequently feel cramps or pain in the lower abdomen after taking the 2 tablets of .
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