Q: How severe should pain be after taking the abortion pill?

A:Like really bad menstrual cramp. Call your doctor if you think something is wrong.Read More »

Q: Lower Abdominal pain 10 months after abortion, what can it be?

A:omg same! i had an abortion in march2012 but mine went horribly wrong and im still in and out hospital go to gp and they will scan you.Read More »

Q: Is abdominal pain normal after an abortion?

A:cramping is normal after a termination. as long as it's not severe and followed by heavy bleeding, you are fine. just take some tylenol or some other pain kille...Read More »

Q: What Causes Nausea & Abdominal Pain After Eating?

A:Nausea. The term abdominal pain is used to describe any discomfort in the abdomen, the part of the body starting at the chest and extending down to the groin. T...Read More »

Q: After an abortion, how long are you supposed to have abdominal pa...

A:It can last up to two weeks. If they're intense, go to the hospital and see if your uterus was perforated or they didn't remove all the gestational sac.Read More »

abdominal pain after abortion pill

Feeling some discomfort is normal after having a medical abortion (or abortion pill). You ll have contraction type pain and cramping while you re passing the .
It is unlikely that the abortion will happen after taking the first pill.abdominal pain or discomfort that is not helped by medication, rest, a hot water bottle, or a .
A medication abortion, also called medical abortion or abortion with pills, consists .After taking the mifepristone at the doctor s office or clinic, you may.for two consecutive hours — have sharp abdominal pain or pain in your .
Abdominal pain is experienced in nearly 960- women.or abdominal massage), or if the pain begins more than 24 hours after . Overview of Severe Pain - Pain in Longer Durations of.
The Abortion Pill procedure involves the oral ingestion of mifepristone after. fever, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea more than 24 hours after .
Fever above 101° F. Abdominal pain different than cramping. Foul-smelling.( After a medical abortion/abortion pill, it is OK to use tampons immediately.) Do not .
If performed in the first 9 weeks, a medical abortion carries a very small risk of complications.Sometimes this treatment is necessary if there are complications after medical abortion or spontaneous miscarriage.I need an abortion with pills .
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What is normal for a first period after an abortion?
give them a call,to be sure. abortion or also called a D and C means,surgically removing the foetus and also cleaning out the inner lining of the uterus. For the next few months your period will be more red and a bit heavier bleeding is also typical. The Dr or clinic should have told you this...

Depression after abortion? This helped a friend of mine when she was mourning her abortion. I had a friend who went through the same thing. Terrible guilt after her abortion, she couldn't stand...

Does the abortion pill (Mifepristone and Misoprostol ) really works ?
Yes, they really work- a medication abortion by pill successfully terminates a pregnancy (up to 9 weeks from the last menstrual period) 97% of the time. If you're one of the unlucky 3% for whom it doesn't, you will have to have an in-clinic surgical abortion to complete the process. I'm not...

What countries allow abortion?
If a woman can kill her own flesh and blood. no telling what she is capable of if you or an issue ever became an "problem". She is so gung ho on it being her body so that makes it right. So they probably see it as a problem and you know how that goes. Remember "got to exercise that right" Just...

What are some reasons to have an abortion after 24 weeks?
I dont think their is any reason to have an abortion at any time or situation because its killing a person because even if they r not born they are living inside of you and you r taking them their chance of living but some reasons would be . Laws against abortion kill women.*To prohibit abortions...