Q: How severe should pain be after taking the abortion pill?

A:Like really bad menstrual cramp. Call your doctor if you think something is wrong.Read More »

Q: Lower Abdominal pain 10 months after abortion, what can it be?

A:omg same! i had an abortion in march2012 but mine went horribly wrong and im still in and out hospital go to gp and they will scan you.Read More »

Q: Is abdominal pain normal after an abortion?

A:cramping is normal after a termination. as long as it's not severe and followed by heavy bleeding, you are fine. just take some tylenol or some other pain kille...Read More »

Q: What Causes Nausea & Abdominal Pain After Eating?

A:Nausea. The term abdominal pain is used to describe any discomfort in the abdomen, the part of the body starting at the chest and extending down to the groin. T...Read More »

Q: After an abortion, how long are you supposed to have abdominal pa...

A:It can last up to two weeks. If they're intense, go to the hospital and see if your uterus was perforated or they didn't remove all the gestational sac.Read More »

abdominal pain after abortion pill

Feeling some discomfort is normal after having a medical abortion (or abortion pill). You ll have contraction type pain and cramping while you re passing the .
It is unlikely that the abortion will happen after taking the first pill.abdominal pain or discomfort that is not helped by medication, rest, a hot water bottle, or a .
A medication abortion, also called medical abortion or abortion with pills, consists .After taking the mifepristone at the doctor s office or clinic, you may.for two consecutive hours — have sharp abdominal pain or pain in your .
Abdominal pain is experienced in nearly 960- women.or abdominal massage), or if the pain begins more than 24 hours after . Overview of Severe Pain - Pain in Longer Durations of.
The Abortion Pill procedure involves the oral ingestion of mifepristone after. fever, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea more than 24 hours after .
Fever above 101° F. Abdominal pain different than cramping. Foul-smelling.( After a medical abortion/abortion pill, it is OK to use tampons immediately.) Do not .
If performed in the first 9 weeks, a medical abortion carries a very small risk of complications.Sometimes this treatment is necessary if there are complications after medical abortion or spontaneous miscarriage.I need an abortion with pills .
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