Q: abdominal massage abortion Does anybody know how that is done?

A:"This is definitely false! I've had an abortion early in my pregnancy only by massaging the abdomen. I can testify that it really works! I didn't do it myself t...Read More »

abdominal massage abortion techniques

I work in abortion clinics as well as am in the healthcare field.but you must go through a special procedure called a "judicial bypass".I ve had an abortion early in my pregnancy only by massaging the abdomen.
Herbal abortion, natural induced abortion, or natural induced miscarriage are all the terms.During this method, the therapist massages the abdomen to dislodge the fetus, so that it will miscarry.Types of Abortion Methods.
He stated that a common complication from such a procedure was that the object .However, abdominal massage abortion is traditionally practised in Myanmar, .
hundred thousand massage abortions were being performed in rural Thailand each year.2. In Southern Nigeria, traditional abdominal massage techniques are .
On one hand abdominal massages are practiced to solve fertility issues while. are some people who use abdominal massage techniques to abort a pregnancy.
Minda, a hilot or traditional midwife, demonstrates the massage technique she uses to help women abort their pregnancies in the.can also involve pounding the lower abdomen to trigger a miscarriage, is called a massage.
Self induced miscarriage testimonials from women around the world.but I believe consistant use of certain techniques you are comfortable with will work. 26 I got desperate and started abdominal massage, pressure points, Ginger, fennel, .
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