abbreviation for abortion

Terminology. G= Gravida means # of Pregnancy- P= Parity means # of deliveries > 20 weeks , Ptpal (T=term,preterm,abortion, live child)- Term= > 37 wks,< 42 .
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Medical abbreviations ·-.previous page of list (S) ·- next page of list (U).·- 0–9 A B.Abbreviation, Meaning.TAB, therapeutic abortion. TAH, total abdominal .
Acronym, Definition. AB, Blood Type. AB, Alberta. AB, Alcoholic Beverage. AB, Airman Basic. AB, Assembly Bill. AB, About. AB, Air Base. AB, Adult Baby.
There are some abbreviations that I m not familiar with.Abortion, EAB- Elective Abortion,TAB- Therapeutic Abortion, GAB- Genetic Abortion)
she has allowed me to post this very extensive list of medical abbreviations. EAB – elective abortion- TAB – therapeutic abortion (see EAB, though a TAB is .
Abbreviations Commonly Used in Obstetrics and Gynecology. Physical Examination. V/V. Vulva/Vagina.spontaneous abortion. EAB elective abortion. SUI.
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If you are pro-choice, would you still be for abortion if it were proven that life begins at conception?
If God appeared before me and told me that the soul enters upon fertilization of an egg, and that abortion was the equivalent of killing a newborn infant, yes, I would change from pro-choice to anti-choice. I don't know if that's what you mean when you say it were proven that "life begins at...

Why do pro-life people refer to pro-choice people as pro-abortion?
Because at pro-choice clinics you are persuaded the benefits of having an abortion and the lobbyists for pro-choice help fund abortions. Pro-choice ''abortion clinics'' are stationed in areas close to public housing where the poorest people live.. targeting them.. just waiting to kill their...

Far more abortions happen naturally than by medical procedure. Is God the greatest abortionist in history?
How true. We really need to ban god and save those babies. PS: Abortion is not "murder" just because some pro-life whackjob says it is. In America, we follow the LAW and the Constitution, and we'll fight vigorously ANY attempt by religion to turn their absurd beliefs into law by political force...

Abortion experience?
My sister had an abortion when she was 16. She said it was the worst thing she had ever done in her life. She felt bad. She had been with her partner for 6 months when she was up the duff. She had to have an abortion because she didnt want a child at that age. She told her mum and her mum (my...