Q: Why does AARP support socialism?

A:Because they think that it will cut medical expenses. If everyone made the same amount of money and charged the exact same amount for medical procedures then it...Read More »

Q: Does AARP support Pelosi's plan to federally fund women's abortio...

A:It appears they are endorsing the dems healthcare reform bill unconditionally. Interesting, right? More interesting will be seeing how many people cancel their ...Read More »

Q: How can AARP support Obama Care?

A:I would have said to her, be careful what you wish just might get it. Like someone said, in this thread. Some people may not use the internet and if t...Read More »

Q: How can AARP support Obama Care?

A:I too am shocked and saddened that the AARP is backing the healthcare reform. I thought that AARP was a lobby for senior citizens. I too have received emails an...Read More »

Q: What constitutional principles support abortion?

A:The key, deliberated article of the U.S. Constitution is Article 14, Section 1, which states that. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and sub...Read More »

aarp supports abortion

The AARP s Web site includes an article on Planned Parenthood that commends .“abortion services,” The AARP Policy Book (page 7-105) endorses stem cell .
AARP-Supports Embryonic Stem Cell Research- American Burn Assc. Backs. Council of Churches supports abortion- Dr Phil Fdn supports CDF-embraces .
support Planned Parenthood, which does more abortions than any.with Planned Parenthood include: AARP, American Cancer Society, .
Some opponents claim AARP supports gun control. AARP declared in its 2007. GOP s Boehner: Pelosi plans monthly abortion premium.
When you reach age 50, you get a letter from the AARP inviting you to join. want to support a liberal group but do want the features provided by AARP?.I am wondering if anyone can tell me if AARP donates to abortion?
Other groups in the “Dishonorable Mention” section include: AARP,.most recent annual report shows a decline in corporate support. He said .
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Liberals, can they give me two good reasons why abortion should be illegal?
it shouldn't. But it should also NOT be illegal for a state to restrict it as the residents of said states sees fit... But they can't do that! The 1973 Supreme Court ruling took away the rights of states to govern themselves in this matter! Simply... The 1973 Supreme Court ruling was violation...

Why doesn't Yahoo Answers have an Abortion category?
It's been suggested many times. Also a miscarriage section. Yahoo doesn't seem to want to add any new categories lately. I would go to the suggestion forum and make your suggestion anyways. One the main yahoo answers page near the bottom is a link called "Tell us what you think"

Need to find abortionclinic in houston,tx.?
Hi Brenda Houston - Aalto Women's Center 713-772-6422 Houston - Bernard Rosenfeld M.D. 713-790-0099 Houston - Crescent City Women's Center 713-659-5008 Houston - Houston Women's Clinic 713-868-4483 / 800-646-4483 Houston - Planned Parenthood of Southeast Texas Surgical and Comprehensive Health...

Post abortion regret?
Years ago I had an abortion and afterwards I did feel guilty but it didn't really hit me until a few months later. I don't know what it was that made me burst out in tears and regret what I did. At the same time I knew I made the right decision yet I felt so guilty about what I did. Feeling...

Abortion pill legal in Illinois?
go to any pharmacy and ask them...should cost about $45.00 you have to get it from the pharmacy !!!