Q: Does AARP support Pelosi's plan to federally fund women's abortio...

A:It appears they are endorsing the dems healthcare reform bill unconditionally. Interesting, right? More interesting will be seeing how many people cancel their ...Read More »

aarp abortion

The Catholic Church s teaching concerning abortion, euthanasia, care for.In The AARP Policy Book, the organization thus claims, "States should legally .
abortions the organization performed that year, the fact remains that Planned Parenthood—an abortion.that equaled about $932 per abortion it performed.
When AARP one of the wealthiest advocacy groups in the U.S. endorsed the $1.2 .GOP s Boehner: Pelosi plans monthly abortion premium.
AARP-Supports Embryonic Stem Cell Research- American Burn Assc. Backs. Salvation Army-Defends abortion in rape, incest, fetal deformity- Save the .
When you reach age 50, you get a letter from the AARP inviting you to.I am wondering if anyone can tell me if AARP donates to abortion?
financial donations to the Planned Parenthood abortion business.with Planned Parenthood include: AARP, American Cancer Society, .
Some think that AARP (formerly the American Association of Retired Persons) is a bureaucratic Goliath that supports abortion, gay rights, and .
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Do you think there should be restrictions on abortion?
1. The only restriction on abortion is that they should be provided legally by a medical professional. Any woman who chooses abortion should be able to request one on demand. 2. Abortion should be covered under any public health care insurance plan. This benefits society in many ways and is...

Statistics on how people feel after they get an abortion?
Some good references to check out: American Psychological Association. "APA research review finds no evidence of 'post-abortion syndrome' but research studies on psychological effects of abortion inconclusive." Press release, January 18, 1989. Adler NE, et al. "Psychological responses after...

North Dakota bans abortion by defining the beginning of life?
Source please. :) North (and possibly South too, I can't remember) Dakota have had several ballot measures in election years to attempt to severely restrict or ban abortions. All of them have been defeated. If you're saying they're planning another one, I doubt it will pass either. And no,...

Why do people think Pro-Choice means Pro-Abortion?
Lots of people, especially when it comes to politics and religion, see things in black and white. Anti abortion means you don't like abortion and think it should be illegal, so anyone that isn't anti-abortion must be PRO abortion. It's the same with all other religious/political topics. If...

Does abortion hurt the baby?
For the person who just answered this it is a baby. Once ur 5 weeks along it is a fetus which in turn is ur baby. Whoever told you that its not a baby until birth is full of crap. And yes abortion does indeed hurt the baby. Abortion (in lack of words ) "kills" the fetus. When u have this u...