Q: Can't afford abortion?

A:Don't listen to the friends of Jesus, this is the first thing you should know. In some states you can finance this if you do not have health insurance. Not sure...Read More »

Q: How can i afford abortion?

A:please let also your girfriend to read my answer or say you to her these things: AND ADOPTION?IF THERE ARE PROBLEMS TO KEEP THE BABY) You must think also about ...Read More »

Q: How much percent of women can't afford abortions?

A:There are no numbers on that since some have the babies and keep them, give them up for adoption or have illegal abortions.Read More »

Q: Can women afford getting an abortion?

A:From our video partners Pregnancy Taking care of yourself with baby on the way. Evidently many can because so many people get abortionsRead More »

Q: And I Can't Afford Abortion, What Should I Do?

A:Continue your education, have the baby even if it means putting it up for adoption, I for one don't believe in abortions, you can have a open adoption that way ...Read More »

cant afford abortion

What is an abortion fund? An abortion fund is a group of people who will help you pay for your abortion when you can t afford it. How do abortion funds work?
We cannot pay for an abortion as it s a struggle just to pay for rent and bills. If there is any.Hi i just found out im pregnant.unable to afford an abortion. And i .
As states rush to enact 20-week abortion bans, the situation is only getting. point, who should pay for abortions for women that can t afford it?
To say abortion is stigmatized in this country is to state the obvious. But we.Yet while abortion may be legal, but if you cannot afford it, it.
What if I can t pay or do not have health insurance?.are the only ways to pay for abortion care at a Planned Parenthood health center in New York State.
You might live too far away from an abortion provider, or not be able to afford the upfront cost of a procedure, or be a young person who can t or doesn t want to .
Abortion is a simple medical procedure which ends a pregnancy.If you can t pay for an abortion, the Abortion Hotline will help you find a low-cost clinic and .
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Pro-lifers, are you only against elective abortions...?
I believe abortion is a viable medical procedure in rare cases, so no I don't believe in banning it entirely.

Do you support abortion?
Yes, I support abortion rights, because: 1) A woman's body is her own. Nobody, no government, no court, can force a woman to gestate a pregnancy to viability if she does not also agree to do so. It is unfortunate that human reproduction happens inside women, but because that is the truth, anything...

What are the implications of the Catholic belief of abortion?
Honestly, why does it matter what any generalized organized religion believes about a political issue? The matter is decided through political process and presently is a legal procedure. It is not only Catholics who don't support abortion. It is not only religious who don't support abortion...

Do "abortion is murder" people think the mothers should be executed/imprisoned for life?
Abortion should be made as rare as possible, but legislation isn't the key. In El Salvador, abortion is illegal in all circumstances. Should a woman show up at the ER with a perforated uterus, indicating that she has had a back-alley abortion, her body is treated as a crime scene and she is...

Birth control pills, antibiotics and RU-486!?
PoopPooh: The previous response from alexeverwander correctly states that RU-486 causes an abortion. But then goes on to say this is 'nothing major'. I recognize that she is referring to side effects, and not the dead baby. When people say that it is just some cells, or an embryo, they ignore...