Q: What are the life risks of abortion?

A:Abortion is considered a very safe procedure and is not a threat to your life as long as you do it supervised by a doctor. The alternative is more dangerous. Bu...Read More »

Q: What is Paleo for Life's stance on abortion?

A:The mission of Paleo for Life is to improve people's health and eliminate chronic diseases by sharing the wisdom of the Paleo diet and lifestyle. Paleo for Life...Read More »

Q: What is life like after abortion?

A:Hard. I have a friend who had one in high school and still to this day 8 years later can still cry about itand wish she had never done it because now her and he...Read More »

Q: How is abortion not taking of life?

A:Just so you know, it's not a fetus until it reaches the ninth week of development. Prior to that, it's an embryo. Regardless of what stage of development it's i...Read More »

Q: When is abortion considered life?

A:it can actually take up to 72 hours for the sperm to hit the egg, thats why ecp can be taken up to 72 hours after sex. um, well first it forms a cell, then a 2 ...Read More »

abortion - pro life

What follows, therefore, are the best arguments from science, the law, and women s rights to advance the pro-life case against abortion. Arguing from Science.
Find information on partial-birth abortion, Congressional efforts, fetal development, euthanasia, and other human life issues. Education - Abortion Information - Mission Statement - Get Involved
The Tennessee state House this morning approved a pro-life bill that requires a 48-hour waiting period before an abortion so women .
Abortion ArticlesAbortion was legalised in the UK in with the passing of The Abortion Act in 1967. Since then there have been varying degrees of scrutiny of the .
The terms "pro-life" and "pro-choice" generally boil down to the question of whether the individual wants to see abortion banned, but there s more to the debate .
Pro-Life Action League -- Saving women and their babies from abortion with peaceful direct action -- headquartered in Chicago, Illinois since 1980.
Pro-choice argument #2: Women will die of unsafe abortions if we make it illegal. Pro-life answer: #1. That argument begs the question - is it ok for society to .
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Abortion question?
All I know is abortion is repugnant.. can't stop it but no way should it be condoned.. Firsly abortion robs a child of possible experiences (potential life) and even though some might argue that it really doesn't matter because the child is unwanted I find this to be fallacious. The chance...

Experiences with the abortion pill?
I had a medication abortion (abortion by pill) a few years ago. When I found out about my pregnancy, I knew that a medication abortion would be the best choice for me because I could have the abortion at home, in my own warm bed, with my fiance next to me -- not in a clinic. I would definitely...

Republican and Democrat party on the issues.?
Abortion - Democrats support, Republicans don't oppose Civil Rights - Both like to violate our civil rights Crime - Both Democratic and Republican parties support crime Drugs - Democrats do illegal drugs, Republicans do legal drugs Education - Both could use some Energy & Oil - Democrats don't...

How much do abortions cost in indianapolis?
At Planned Parenthood it is $500 for a medical abortion and $400 for a surgical abortion. Not sure about other providers but you would have to call and ask, I imagine it would be around the same, maybe a little more expensive. Harriet

Where can i find the abortion pill non prescription online?
You cannot so rethink the whole thing. Go ahead and have your baby. You can do it. Abortion by pill or surgery really would be wrong and a huge mistake. Abortions can indeed sometimes give physical complications and problems with future pregnancies such as miscarriages being more likely. Common...