Q: Will Obama's partial birth abortion position help or hurt him thi...

A:I don't think many actually research the procedure. They just think it is a typical Abortion, but it's not, it's much worse… This is what Nurse Shafer saw: "I s...Read More »

Q: Question about Obama?? (Partial-birth abortion) EASY 10 POINTS?

A:Abortion is a huge money industry in America and Obama gets a lot of money from the abortion lobby. It's plain simple bribery. Since Obama will vote to kill bab...Read More »

Q: What are Senator Obama's thoughts on partial birth abortion?

A:According to Obama doesn't oppose partial birth abortion but he doesn't promote it either. There are several articles and quotes from Obama on t...Read More »

Q: What are Senator Obama's thoughts on partial birth abortion?

A:Obama is overwhelmingly Pro-Abortion. He draws no line when a baby can be aborted. He believes in partial birth abortions and infanticide, allowing a baby from ...Read More »

Q: Where does Obama stand on partial birth abortion?

A:I agree with both if there are reason why they do that but I guess if this make it legal I think many people will abused it. abortions clinicRead More »

obama partial-birth abortion

In August 2008, in Lake Forest, California, Obama.that upheld a ban on "partial -birth" abortions saying the ban . Abortion and contraception - Disability rights - Environmental policy and record
The Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of the federal partial-birth abortion ban in 2007, but in her 2004 letter, Michelle Obama was .
OBAMA: Well, I think it s true that we shouldn t apply a strict litmus test and the most.On an issue like partial birth abortion, I strongly believe that the state can .
The Congress banned partial birth abortion.President Obama believes that partial-birth abortion -- where, for example, a little girl is partially .
Obama Attorney General Nominee Loretta Lynch Supported Partial-Birth Abortions. National. Steven Ertelt Jan 28, 2015 | 1:35PM Washington, DC. Total: 0.
First Lady Michelle Obama has come under criticism before for a fundraising letter she wrote for her husband during his 2004 campaign for the .
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Doesnt this article in part validate the Catholic Church's..?
In part yes. There are many negative side effects of the pill, and not just health side effects. ADDED: Basement Cat, your statement makes no sense. Birth control pills have been available since the early 1960s, abortions have been legal since the early 1970s...the abortion rate has steadily...

Spontaneous abortion (SAB), or miscarriage, is the term used for a pregnancy that ends on it's own, within the first 20 weeks of gestation. Often the medical name spontaneous abortion (SAB) gives many women a negative feeling, so throughout this information we will refer to any type of spontaneous...

If a minor does not need parental consent for an abortion, can they be required to inform parents?
The school might get in trouble for letting the student leave campus without parental consent (unless the parent agreed ahead of time) only because the health clinic inside the school wasn't the same clinic that performed the abortion. The abortion clinic is under no legal obligation to inform...

Why is obama against gay marrage but he is for late term abortions?
He's not FOR late-term abortions! He just wouldn't be so ridiculous as to pass a law that would say that if a pregnant woman would die if she didn't get an abortion and the baby would be severly retarded too, that she could not legally do so. Some anti abortion fanatics would let the mother...

Persuasive essay on pro abortion. ?
I do not label myself pro or anti, however, I do believe that it is the woman's choice to do as she pleases, I think the father should have a say in the matter, but the final decision is the woman's. Reasons for Abortion: If the pregnancy is causes danger to the mother and/or the unborn child...