Q: Planned parenthood abortion in ca?

A:California does not have any parental notification or parental consent laws, so minors may seek abortion services without the consent or notification of a paren...Read More »

Q: Plan parenthood abortion question?

A:Yes, Planned Parenthood will work with you to help you pay for it, whether with payment plans, reduced fees based on your income, help from abortion funds, etc....Read More »

Q: Does the government fund planned parenthood abortions?

A:Federal law prohibits federal funds including Medicaid funds, from being used to pay for an elective abortion. In cases of rape, incest and saving a woman's lif...Read More »

Q: Does planned parenthood abort at 8 weeks?

A:Yes some clinics do. In some states a surgical abortion is only allowed at a hospital. A medical abortion has a 9 week limit so contact the clinic you want to g...Read More »

Q: Does ARkids insurance cover planned parenthood abortion pills

A:Abortions are not covered by ARKids unless medically necessary & approved by Medicaid before-hand.Read More »

planned parenthood abortion

Abortion is a safe and legal way to end a pregnancy. Learning more about abortion methods and options can help you decide if abortion is the right choice for .
Abortion Chicago - Abortion Services Chicago - Planned Parenthood - Illinois.
Planned Parenthood Center for Choice is a trusted health care provider. Learn about pregnancy.
Arizona is a trusted health care provider. Learn about pregnancy.
Planned Parenthood s political arm is hailing the Senate s newly reached deal on the anti-trafficking bill as a win for abortion-rights supporters.
Abortion[edit]. Planned Parenthood has occupied a central position in the abortion debate in the U.S., and has been among the most .
Planned Parenthood believes that women facing an unintended pregnancy must have access to safe, legal abortion services without interference from the .
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Atheists, where do you stand on these moral issues?
sex before marriage: none of anybody's business but my own. sex with multiple partners: nope. no STD for me. abortion: Gov't shouldn't have a say. Saying that, I would never persuade anybody to do it. Alcohol: been drunk in my life only once. I rarely drink. doing drugs: never done it. cheating...

Im having an abortion tomorrow, how long does a medical (abortion pill) process take?
Fortunately I've never had to get an abortion myself, although I do want to tell you that you don't need to justify your decision to anyone on here - it's your body and your choice whether or not to have a child. In relation to another answer you've received- choosing abortion doesn't mean...

Obama and abortion funding reversal?
I just asked the same question. It is unbelievable. You would think that in these days a father of 2 girls would not be in favor of abortion. It certainly is putting a red flag on my view of Obama. The americans are already suffering with the economic situation and now they are going to provide...

What are your views on the controversial Abortion issue?
For the pro-life idiots: Pregnancy should be a choice. How can somebody force a woman to carry an unwanted child? That is abuse. NOBODY can and/or should be forced to physically do something they don't approve of. Carrying a child for 9 months requires alot of PHYSICAL and EMOTIONAL energy...

What are Barack Obama's views on abortion?
That abortion is a medical choice to be determined by the woman and her doctor, and that the government needs to mind its own business and stay out of private lives.