anti-abortion songs

A song in which rapper Qwel expresses his pro-life views on abortion. Considering the album the song is featured on in 2007, he stated, "Some of it, I look back . 0–9 - A - B - C
Sometimes, pro-life songs (or other media, for that matter) are few and far between. But the ones that do exist are quite powerful. Several .
So many songs are about abortion, but they don t use the word abortion, which I think is sneaky.
There s a common misconception that anti-abortion folks are all right-wing Christians who protest by bombing clinics. Wrong. They re also .
Give Me A Chance. Hey, Little Boy, what would you like to be someday? Maybe an astronaut who zooms around in space? No, I will be the one who finds a cure .
Pro Life Songs, Prolife Songs Pro family.For 8 years he wrote the theme songs for the National March for Life in Canada. 40 days for life. To buy our prolife CD .
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Over popluated China..are the babies aborted...?
= Forced abortions are illegal in China since 2002, but many abuses have occurred over the last 30 years. = Many unwanted children are adopted internationally. --------------------------------------... The end to mandatory abortions in 2002 may be relat

I'm 3 weeks pregnant, What are my options ?
you have to go to an abortion clinic. they can terminate as soon as you can get an open appointment. they will just stick a hose in you and sucks the baby out. it almost looks like a shop vacuum. the only thing you feel is the thing they use you open you up as if you were getting a vaginal...

Why are we still talking about the *gasp* "Ground Zero Mosque"?
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I'm wondering about other stories of women who had abortions and then they had lives in which they got lessons
That is so sad for those women. As a Christian, my beliefs in God could never conceive of having an abortion..., the life He gives is so precious and He sacrificed His Son for each life that is born. Every person experiences things in their own life that can only be enterpreted by them.....