anti-abortion songs

A song in which rapper Qwel expresses his pro-life views on abortion. Considering the album the song is featured on in 2007, he stated, "Some of it, I look back . 0–9 - A - B - C
Sometimes, pro-life songs (or other media, for that matter) are few and far between. But the ones that do exist are quite powerful. Several .
So many songs are about abortion, but they don t use the word abortion, which I think is sneaky.
There s a common misconception that anti-abortion folks are all right-wing Christians who protest by bombing clinics. Wrong. They re also .
Give Me A Chance. Hey, Little Boy, what would you like to be someday? Maybe an astronaut who zooms around in space? No, I will be the one who finds a cure .
Pro Life Songs, Prolife Songs Pro family.For 8 years he wrote the theme songs for the National March for Life in Canada. 40 days for life. To buy our prolife CD .
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Bad smelling discharge after abortion?
You might wanna just call your doctor to make sure everything is okay, Getting an abortion was your personal choice, you know what's right for your life. Don't let random people put you down for it

I'm 3 weeks pregnant, What are my options ?
you have to go to an abortion clinic. they can terminate as soon as you can get an open appointment. they will just stick a hose in you and sucks the baby out. it almost looks like a shop vacuum. the only thing you feel is the thing they use you open you up as if you were getting a vaginal...

If you buy a house and automobile with abortion blood money can you be proud of yourself?
I suppose you might find a way to be proud of yourself for it. Maybe once a year add up all the heads. Or maybe you could repeatedly martyr yourself in front of your children by yelling "do you know how many heads I had to suck out of there to pay for those braces??"

How much does an in-clinic abortion cost in NC?
Your best bet is to call Planned Parenthood again and ask them about the difference between surgical and medication abortion. They are often aware of the rates, even when they don't offer the service themselves, and they usually charge the average rate if they do offer the service. There are...

Pro-lifers, do you support the death penalty? Do you support violence against doctors who perform abortions?
I am pro-life but do not support the death penalty or violence against doctors. I believe in being pro-life, pro-forgiveness, and anti-judging. God bless.