anti-abortion songs

A song in which rapper Qwel expresses his pro-life views on abortion. Considering the album the song is featured on in 2007, he stated, "Some of it, I look back . 0–9 - A - B - C
Sometimes, pro-life songs (or other media, for that matter) are few and far between. But the ones that do exist are quite powerful. Several .
So many songs are about abortion, but they don t use the word abortion, which I think is sneaky.
There s a common misconception that anti-abortion folks are all right-wing Christians who protest by bombing clinics. Wrong. They re also .
Give Me A Chance. Hey, Little Boy, what would you like to be someday? Maybe an astronaut who zooms around in space? No, I will be the one who finds a cure .
Pro Life Songs, Prolife Songs Pro family.For 8 years he wrote the theme songs for the National March for Life in Canada. 40 days for life. To buy our prolife CD .
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Do you think abortion in Victoria should be legalised?
Abortion is already legal in Vic as long as it meets the legal criteria set down by the Menhennit Ruling of 1969 - that is if an abortion is necessary to preserve the woman from a serious danger to her life or health - beyond the normal dangers of pregnancy and childbirth - that would result...

Republican or democrat?
Democrat, I also think abortion is wrong, but believe me all the other nonsense from Republicans ie . being all tough on the border- IRAQ is supposed to be for WMD's, well not any more , now it is supposed to be the forefront of the 'war on terror'. Puleeeze!!! Oh and whats with all that...

Can A child have an abortion without her parents knowing in the state of Florida? Im from NYC,?
Tallahassee, FL ( -- A Federal judge has turned back a request from the Planned Parenthood abortion business to stop enforcement of a parental notification law that requires it and other abortion centers to let the parents of a minor teen know when she's thinking of having an abortion...

Has anyone done the Vitamin C abortion method?
I'm sure this isn't going to work - but give it a try if you want. But be prepared to go get a real abortion if some right wing pinhead hasn't destroyed your right to do that where you are.

24 week pregnant abortion ?
Researchers from the University of California, San Francisco in the Journal of the American Medical Association concluded in a meta-analysis of data from dozens of medical reports and studies that fetuses are unlikely to feel pain until the third trimester of pregnancy.[2][3] There is an emerging...