Q: What is the estimate number of abortions daily in the US?

A:1,3 million divided by 365.Read More »

Q: Where do you get your numbers on abortion in US for 2009?

A:You mean for the exact number of how many abortions done in 2009? I guess you can call NAF and ask if they have the figures, otherwise it should be the health d...Read More »

Q: How can the number of abortions performed in the U.S. be reduced ...

A:Education! I volunteer with a youth center doing sexual education outreach to youth 13-24, and the amount of misinformation and misunderstanding about basic bod...Read More »

Q: Are there data about the number of abortions US women have each y...

A:…. Why do I trust this website? The Guttmacher Institute advances sexual and reproductive health worldwide through an in...Read More »

Q: How many abortions are performed in US every year? And how do the...

A:In the USA in 2008, 825,564 abortions were performed. That is 234 out of every 1000 live births. That number was similar to the annual number every year for ...Read More »

number of abortions in the us

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The number of U.S. abortion providers declined 4% between 2008 (1,793) and 2011 (1,720). The number of clinics providing abortion services declined 1%, .
The annual number of legal induced abortions in the United States doubled between , and peaked in 1990. There was a slow .
This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding . Abortion in the United States - Planned Parenthood v. Casey
There are approximately 1.21 million abortions in America each year.69% of pregnancies among Blacks are unintended, while that number is 54% among .
DRH also monitors teen pregnancy and the number and characteristics of women obtaining legal induced abortions in the United States.
About Us.When did CDC start conducting abortion surveillance? CDC began abortion surveillance in 1969 to document the number and .
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Is this the catch-all for government funded abortions?
Yes it is. Another issue is that the law will require people to purchase health insurance. If every plan in their state covers abortion, then they will be required to pay for abortions. Additionally, if a poor person gets government assistance in purchasing a qualified plan, and that plan...

After how long of being pregnant can you not get an abortion?
It depends where you live...... Here in Ontario,Canada it's 20 weeks I think at only One hospital and every town/city has the option of whether they even want to or will preform them and The one where I live only does them if you are under 12 wks. Or medically necessary of course like ectopic...

Normal symptoms after abortion?
@Anonoymous: It is her body, not yours. I believe that you feel like that, because your body was preparing to carry a child for 9 months, so if all of a sudden, the child disappears, the body will have a reaction.

Positive test.... Abortion?
How many weeks old could it be, at most: eight. About how many more before it would be born: TWENTY EIGHT. Right now that baby is away more a part of your body than it is its own being. Is it anywhere near becoming a well developed baby that had a chance surviving outside the womb? Not at all...

Abortion cases?
This case, decided in 1992, essentially dealt with 5 issues of law in Pennsylvania concerning the regulation of abortion procedures in the state. The issues were : 1. All clinics providing services to women who wished to terminate their pregnancies had to inform potential users of the dangers...