Q: Should N.O.W. just be honest with us and call themselves The Nati...

A:You know, I agree with you. NOW's litmus test is about abortion. Once upon a time, NOW told us that a woman could not have a consentual relationship with her bo...Read More »

pro-abortion organizations

National organization advocating for and providing comprehensive information on reproductive rights in the U.S. Numerous local affiliates.
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Clinicians for Choice (CFC) is a membership organization representing pro- choice certified mid-wives, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, . Think You're Pregnant? - Contact Us - Find A Provider - Abortion
The pro-choice side has been largely silent, or has responded defensively,.you to actively work against anti-abortion efforts, from extremist groups engaging in .
Association of Reproductive Health Professionals - Pro-choice medical organization with the mission to educate healthcare professionals and the public on all .
Local Groups.Check your would-be MP s views on abortion SKcJuh3o8N via @sharethis about 1 hour ago.RT @Abortion_RCScot: Scottish pro-choice supporters should check out our Scottish section on the @ Abortion_Rights .
Pro-CAN is the longest-established and largest pro-choice organization in BC. We have close working ties with the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada, .
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Have you read these stories about Pro-lifers getting abortions?
I didn't read the stories, but it is actually not that unusual. I remember once going into a PP clinic to get an STD exam (turned out to be an infection, not an STD) and there was this obnoxious woman out there. The nurse told me that the particular obnoxious woman had had 2 abortions, both...

Where can i find an article that deals with pros and cons of abortion?
Can't you just figure them out for yourself?

How much does medical abortion cost in nepal?? can i get abortion pills without prescription in any pharmacy?
The pill you need is called misoprostol (also called Isovent or Cytotec). You can usually buy it in pharmacies because it is sold as a medicine for stomach ulcers. It is 90% effective at causing abortion when taken according to the instructions given here:

Know any "Scholarly" sites on Abortion ( for an Essay)?
Here's a site from the Center for Disease Control

If we rule out adoption and abortion, what are we left with?
First, create a society in which people feel supported and able to care for their children. Second eliminate private adoption and dispel myths about infant adoption. You do those two, and the only need for adoption will be for those TRULY unable to care for their children, or deemed "unfit"...