Q: Question on the issue/debates on abortion (pro-choice vs pro-life...

A:I am pro life. I know that it amybe hard to live with a baby of rape but there are lots of couples out there who can't have children of there own, they don't ha...Read More »

Q: Abortion vs. Adoption. Pro-choice vs. Pro-life.

A:Here's my personal opinion.for whatever its worth. I think I have rather odd views on abortion. I believe life begins at conception. Yes, I believe that gatheri...Read More »

Q: How do people think about The Ethics of Abortion: Pro-Life Vs. Pr...

A:Overall Rating: Rating 4 Star Rating star(s) Religion, Philosophy, and AbortionRead More »

Q: Was Bobby Kennedy pro life or pro choice on abortion?

A:Robert Kennedy's stance on abortion is not officially documented, as Roe vs. Wade occured four years after his death. At the time of Kennedy's death, most state...Read More »

abortion pro-choice vs pro-life

This pro-con debate revolves around whether or not abortion should be a legal option.Pro-choice and pro-life demonstrators 2004 March for Womens Lives Footnotes & Sources - Should Abortion Be Legal? - When Does Life Begin?
The terms "pro-life" and "pro-choice" generally boil down to the question of whether the individual wants to see abortion banned, but there s more to the debate .
To be "pro-choice" on abortion is to believe that individuals have unlimited autonomy with respect to their.Pro Life vs Pro Choice on the Nature of Preborn Life.
Abortion Poll: Most Americans Do Not Identify With Pro-Choice Or.A quick reminder: Pro-choice and pro-life are the two camps .
Pro-lifers want to take away women s rights. Pro-life and abortifacient pills like RU-486 do sometimes result in death from continued bleeding or infection. Studies also show a correlation between abortion-choice and suicide.
For example, the labels "pro-choice" and "pro-life" imply endorsement of widely. in the debate to describe their opponents include "pro-abortion" or "pro-abort".
I am firmly pro-life, life is very precious and should never be taken lightly.In all do respect, it is not your choice to get an abortion because it is .
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What are some good government related topics?
Abortion Affirmative action Aging AIDS and HIV Air pollution Alcoholism Animal rights Assisted suicide and euthanasia Automobile safety Campaign finance Censorship Child abuse and domestic violence Children China Civil and human rights Cloning and genetics Crime and justice Date rape Death...

Do people not realize that the SUPREME COURT of the USA legalized abortion in Roe v. Wade?
I see your point. The president is the one who appoints justices, though. But it will be awhile (+8) years before we need that. And then of course you need a court case . . .

How many methods for abortion?
You will need to contact a clinic in your area to set up an appointment, and they can answer any of your questions. What procedure you have will depend on how far along you are. This will be determined by an ultrasound scan if you're not sure yourself. The timelines for different procedures...

Four weeks after a medical abortion, and I still have heavy bleeding - Is this a problem?
I am sorry it isn't easy, but you really do need medical advice. there is bleeding after a termination but not usually as bad as as you say. If you are taking the pill there can be irregular and sometimes heavy bleeding when you do start taking it. It's the tummy getting big that is worrying...

Are the mainline Protestant churches that teach abortion and homosexuality now neopagan assemblies?
The churches (all strands) fail Christ in more ways than you have stated. When I am in a negative mood I look around at all the churches in my area in a span of about 12mls radius and I think - according to what I know of them - that none of these are true churches - that is - in the way they...