Q: What is anti-abortion?

A:Anti-abortion is when someone, or a group of people, disagree with abortion and think it is wrong and shouldn't be allowed. Often, they believe this for religio...Read More »

Q: What is anti abortion?

A:There are people who oppose the practice of abortion, for various political, philosophical, or religious reasons. That means they are anti abortion. They like t...Read More »

Q: Why are Christians anti abortion?

A:They also support infanticide. Just putting it out there.Read More »

Q: Who ISNT anti abortion?

A:Since I'm a guy I don't really feel like I should have an opinion on this topic.... this is clearly a women's issue, however having said that, I am firmly pro-a...Read More »

Q: Where was coverage of anti-abortion march?

A:My point was actually more complex and intellectually challenging. Esoteric hypotheticals are not a valid way to prove your point. The "what if's" never play we...Read More »


Anti-Abortion Legislation The onslaught to curb women s reproductive rights began immediately after the passage of Roe v. Wade in 1973. Although the goal of .
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St. Paul Dad Sues School Over Anti-Abortion Fliers. A father is accusing a St. Paul charter school of violating his six-grade daughter s right to free speech after .
Watch hollyewing s Vine "#notsilent #anitabortion #endabortion" taken on 18. Watch Alex McRoberts s Vine "Seriously #anitabortion" taken on .
"Anit-Abortion". Why did you have to rip our child from the womb ? Why did you have to send him to his eternal tomb? Why couldn t you let me be a happy father?
ANIT-ABORTION AG LOSES LAW LICENSE: The KS Supreme Court on Friday indefinitely suspended the law license of the state s former attorney general, .
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Had abortion 4 weeks ago why am I still pregnant?
Did you have a surgical or medical abortion? If you had a medical abortion did you check to see if the fetus passed? If it didn't then there is a chance you could still be pregnant, if you are then there will be damage done so you will have to go throw with the abortion. You need to go back...

Attention grabber for pro-choice abortion speech?
Forty-two million abortions are performed world wide each year. That's more than the entire population of Canada, which would cost unprepared families over five hundred billion dollars in just one year... (42 million abortions in a year worldwide. 35 million people in canada. approx. $12'000...

Teen pregnancy & abortion?
Do your best to convince her not the have the abortion... it is her choice and not her mother's.. . Abortions can indeed sometimes give physical complications and problems with future pregnancies such as miscarriages being more likely. Common side effects (which can last up to two months) can...

Abortion pill?
There is a morning after pill. This pill is to be taken within 72 hours of having unprotected sex, or taken if the condom broke. The abortion pill is something different. This is taken within a certain amt of weeks when u are pregnant.

Where can I find statistics on the use of contraception for cases of abortion?
The great purple hipppo is right, especially when those who do have an abortion most likely are too frightened by saying ''I didn't use contraception'' or ''I missed a few pills'' because they fear they will be judged(and they have right to be frightened, just look at the other answer you got)...