Q: 9 weeks pregnant.considering abortion.

A:You need to do whats right for you, and only you know what that is. It's your body and you must live with your actions, not anyone else. Be aware that abortion ...Read More »

Q: How much does it cost at 9 weeks pregnant to get an abortion?

A:The cost for a first trimester aborton is about $500-650 in all states.Read More »

Q: Is it safe to have an abortion if you are 9 weeks pregnant?

A:No abortions are safe! And think hard before you go through with this. It can't be undone. Not trying to preach to you, but I know a friend who did this and she...Read More »

Q: How does it work . what are the preducers? Abortion at 9 weeks pr...

A:the most common method is surgical abortion. first, they will do an ultrasound for u. then, they will insert a pill into your vagina and u'll have to wait for a...Read More »

Q: How would they abort the baby at 9 weeks?

A:Visits to the doctor for complete process and the woman will abort the baby ...Read More »

9 weeks pregnant abortion

licensed clinic. There are a number of different medical and surgical methods of abortion.Early medical abortion (up to nine weeks of pregnancy). An early .
to surgery for women undergoing abortion at 9-13 weeks gestation.20 If you have been pregnant for longer than 12 weeks and do a medical abortion anyway, .
Surgical abortion at 9 weeks, 2 days. post submitted by C S 1.Something was bound to happen eventually, and I ended up pregnant at 22.
Since 1973 abortion has been an option in the US for women of all ages.You are more than 9 weeks pregnant- You don t plan on taking the .
Okay skipping all the details of going to the doctor/first appointment at the clinic etc I m going to go straight to my experience after taking the fi.
Click here to download The abortion pill after 9 weeks section from the bpas guide.the lining of the uterus breaks down and the pregnancy cannot continue.
Before you look at the pictures of the babies aborted at 9 weeks, I want.I am 9 weeks pregnant and yes came across this site just googling “9 .
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Can having an abortion cause anxiety/depression even if the abortion was wanted?
It absolutely could be hormones! Post partum depression is very common! You have all those hormones rushing around and then... none. It is a major let-down on behalf of your body chemistry. See your doctor. I had a miscarriage at 14 weeks and the same thing happened to me. Hormones a-raging...

Can you get 2 abortions?
No one can keep you from getting another one if that is what you want to do about this pregnancy. The bottom line is that when an abortion has been conducted- legally, safely, professionally and providing there are no complications arising from it, there is no significant risk to the future...

Baths after an abortion.?
I have had an abortion and was not told to avoid baths. This sounds like an old wives tale like when women were told it was bad to bath during your period.

Do you think the new Pope has a different views on gay marriage, abortion etc from former Popes?
No. Pope Francis was chosen because he was the best of the Cardinals to safeguard the message of Jesus rather than toss it aside. Jesus defined marriage is a man and a woman becoming one flesh, and he reiterated the commandment, "Do not murder." Cheers, Bruce

Where can I find the exact wording of the Texas Abortion Bill? (a gov't site hopefully)?
In summary: The House and Senate bills would ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy, require that the procedure be performed at ambulatory surgical centers, mandate that doctors who perform abortions obtain admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles and that even nonsurgical abortions...