Q: Abortion vs. adoption! what to do!

A:In your post you write that you do not want to end your baby's life. Abortion would end your baby's life. This little human is precious and innocent, and does n...Read More »

Q: Adoption vs. Abortion: Which is Right and Which is Wrong?

A:In an ideal world both are wrong. The world is never ideal but still it would not be clear cut to choose one over the other. There are always individual circums...Read More »

Q: Abortion vs Adoption?

A:It has nothing to do with not being in a position to raise a child. It's a case of my body being my own and my having no obligation to "let someone else use it"...Read More »

Q: Adoption vs Abortion

A:The biological father cannot lawfully exercise any dominion or control over your daughter's womb. It is her decision whether to bear a child. However, once a ch...Read More »

Q: I need a thesis statement on abortion vs adoption.?

A:If you are looking for a topic that will cause heads to turn , and get people up in arms, you've certainly found one. These things have little to do with each o...Read More »

adoption vs. abortion statistics

There is only one adoption for every 149 abortions performed. If the facts about adoption were.If you are considering abortion vs. adoption, here is a brief comparison of the two: Cost – Abortions range from.Adoption Statistics ·- Our Blog
Striving to find the "middle ground" on abortion -- that is, coming up with ways acceptable to pro-choice and pro-life Americans alike to reduce the number of .
Facts, statistics about pregnancy, adoption, abortion trends in the US to help women, families understand the need for ministry to pregnant women, teens.
Now if one wished to really decrease the number of abortions in this country then that s almost.Abort or Carry to term vs Parent or Adoption.
Adoption statistics are hard to track, since states are not necessarily required to report domestic adoptions. However, the numbers are grim, and .
Anyone who believes that adoption or foster care is a real solution to growing. fact that fewer babies are available for infertile couples to adopt thanks to Roe v. .Furthermore, the rates of adoption versus abortion are vastly .
Abortion certainly played some role in the initial decline of the adoption rate when it fell from 19.2 percent for white women in 1973 when Roe v.
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Can having an abortion cause anxiety/depression even if the abortion was wanted?
It absolutely could be hormones! Post partum depression is very common! You have all those hormones rushing around and then... none. It is a major let-down on behalf of your body chemistry. See your doctor. I had a miscarriage at 14 weeks and the same thing happened to me. Hormones a-raging...

What the legal limit in California to have an abortion?
Please don't think about abortion...a baby is always a gift and will bring you great love and joy. If you need help or resources in California then call a helpline like Lifehouse at 661.323.2229 Stay strong, God bless you!

Is the foundation "live action" a poltical hit squad for planned parenthood?
So you are blaming someone for being against an organization that promotes abortion as a means of contraception? No offense intended but planned parenthood is kind of a hard organization to defend. They are no different than any other political agenda driven organization. I don't see planned...

Why is Sean Hannity so paranoid about Liberals?
lol I love your avatar.. Hannity is a dolt who is brainwashed in his own thinking and supported by his own words which he takes as fact. In the mind of Hannity, he is the end all know all to all things - people like him love simple answers to complex problems. Liberals are a simple answer to...