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On Oct. 29, 2000, Nader questioned all the concern being voiced by liberals about abortion rights. "Even if Roe v. Wade is reversed, that doesn t end it," he said.
A: Ralph Nader endorses the full eleven-point agenda for economic, social and political rights of women put forward by the National .
Ralph Nader recently accepted Pat Buchanan s invitation to sit.Would you have voted against or in favor of the ban on partial-birth abortion?
Abortion is an emotionally charged issue. So this question my draw fire. Assuming you mean effects on the woman who has the abortion. An abundance of .
This is not about Ralph Nader, and it is not about abortion. It is about third-party and independent federal candidacies in an era when .
“She hugs Kissinger. She hobnobs with Bob Rubin and the Wall Street crowd," said Ralph Nader of Hillary Clinton. "I mean it s almost a .
I have to do a project for school about the different candidates views on abortion, and I can t find Nader s views--I just don t understand politics .
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Any free abortion clinics?
You know what you could do instead of taking away an innocent chils life? Have the baby and give it up for adoption. If you don't listen and get an abortion your still a mother, just a mother of a dead baby that you helped kill. Harsh yes, but its the facts.

Is abortion legal in Arizona?
It is legal everywhere in the US.

Does the Louisiana law requiring women to get an ultrasound before an abortion show the hypocrisy of the right?
Absolutely. The obvious intent is to prevent abortions. The right's arguments against government interference are constantly shown to be fraudulent hypocrisy. The right wants intrusive and unwarranted government interference in areas where they want to enforce their moralistic agenda. The...

What countries fund foreign abortions ? and interesting stats?
Any country that provides funds for health clinics and family planning in countries where abortion is legal.

Do you think having an abortion is selfish?
When you examine all the truths and facts surrounding this whole issue, you will find that, indeed, having an abortion is selfish. There is no other situation where an individual is allowed to take another life for no other reason than the inconvenience that the life MIGHT present to the first...