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On Oct. 29, 2000, Nader questioned all the concern being voiced by liberals about abortion rights. "Even if Roe v. Wade is reversed, that doesn t end it," he said.
A: Ralph Nader endorses the full eleven-point agenda for economic, social and political rights of women put forward by the National .
Ralph Nader recently accepted Pat Buchanan s invitation to sit.Would you have voted against or in favor of the ban on partial-birth abortion?
Abortion is an emotionally charged issue. So this question my draw fire. Assuming you mean effects on the woman who has the abortion. An abundance of .
This is not about Ralph Nader, and it is not about abortion. It is about third-party and independent federal candidacies in an era when .
“She hugs Kissinger. She hobnobs with Bob Rubin and the Wall Street crowd," said Ralph Nader of Hillary Clinton. "I mean it s almost a .
I have to do a project for school about the different candidates views on abortion, and I can t find Nader s views--I just don t understand politics .
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IMPORTANT! Whats the oldest a babi can be to get an abortion?
12 weeks, but I have heard about states that allow it as late as 22 weeks. This is pretty crazy and I would not consider doing it this late. It would be an aweful thing to do. As far as your parents forcing you to have an abortion I don't believe they can. I googled this answer and I think...

Does the injection keep working after an abortion?
Yes the injection keeps working. Be careful having intercourse so soon afterwards as you can get a uterine infection which can lead to many complications. It's best to wait at least 4-6 weeks. You will be more fertile for 3-6 months after your pregnancy, so make sure if you are getting close...

Is it right for girls to wear Anti-Abortion shirts?
Yes, you have the right to wear whatever clothes you want to wear. Whether you could wear the shirt to school depends on that school's dress code. I can't see why it would be a problem, but some schools have been known to infringe on the rights of students through regulating what they can and...

Side effects of Mifepristone - Abortion pill?
how many month or weeks are you pregnant? The decrease in breast size may not be actually so, but it might be just going back to its original size before pregnancy occurred. Pregnancy may increase your breast size. One more thing didn't you know that those drugs are not indicated for abortion...

The anti-abortion movement comes out of a hatred of women and of women's sexuality. This is why you usually find the most virulen attacks about abortion coming from men. These are men that can't deal with a modern, sexual woman, so they enslave them, making them have sex only for procreation...