Q: What is the common abortion procedure?

A:There is two, medical and surgical. Common abortion procedures are a medical abortion where a miscarriage is induced by medication (up to week 9) and a surgical...Read More »

Q: Who does the abortion procedure?

A:From our video partners Pregnancy Taking care of yourself with baby on the way. Your ob-gyn.Read More »

Q: What happens in an abortion procedure?

A:They take a blood test, insert some sort of tube in your arm, make you change, give you doses of medication into the tube in your arm to numb you and then lay y...Read More »

Q: What is involved in an abortion procedure?

A:I'm so, so sorry this happened to her, and it's understandable why you don't want the child of some disgusting rapist, and it's wrong for her to have to go thro...Read More »

Q: When was the first abortion procedure performed

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abortion procedure

You may be offered the option to have an in-clinic abortion procedure, which is the kind of abortion discussed on this page. Or you may be offered the abortion .
The type of abortion procedure used in elective pregnancy termination is primarily determined by how far a woman is into pregnancy. During the first trimester, .
In most cases, an abortion in hospital will be carried out as a day procedure and you won t need to stay overnight. However, in some regions, the second part of .
Complications of abortion can include infection and excessive bleeding. Suction aspiration is the most common procedure for first trimester abortions.
On the day of the procedure: You will be required to have your Ontario Health card of other Health .
Surgical abortion, also known as suction aspiration abortion, can be performed in a one-day procedure if less than 14 weeks have passed since the first day of .
Tennessee s Republican Gov. Bill Haslam is expected to sign a bill that would require women to wait 48 hours before getting an abortion.
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