Q: I am against abortion?

A:Isn't it strange the way the pro-abortionists are usually against capital punishment and can't see their opinions counter dict each other.Read More »

Q: Why I Am Against Abortion

A:With the recent election deciding Barack Obama as our next President, I feel that I should explain the number one reason that I was firmly against him. To sum i...Read More »

Q: What are some agrumentative questions if I am AGAINST abortion?

A:Do you want to become a murderer? Did you know that a baby has a heartbeat at 8 weeks? What would happen if your mother aborted you? Are you ready for the extre...Read More »

Q: How can I help raise awarness against abortion?

A:The patients having abortions are aware and know what they are doing but you can always join a organization or help support sex education in schools so there ar...Read More »

Q: Why I Am An Abortion Doctor

A:Why would anyone want to perform abortions in America today? Few doctors are willing to take he risk, and fewer still have taken the time to explain their posit...Read More »

i'am against abortion

The right to abortion is less a representation of women s equality as an.I m a feminist and I m against abortion.I am against abortion.
I am Pro-Life- not for abortion but for the right to choose. Young.As I said, I m neither for abortion nor against it but I resent your suggestion that I m selfish!
I am against abortions, I would never have thought of taking another life, whether it was just a bag of blood or not. It was like I had no say in what was going on.
Why I am against abortion. Reason 1 = Huge numbers of women regret their abortion and abortion creates many serious mental health issues.
My Reason for Fighting Against Abortion By Father Anthony Messace. PART ONE. Some people will say that I am against a procured abortion for the horror that I .
At the 40th year of legal abortion in America, our nation remains divided on the most important human rights issue of our time. We cannot afford .
Are You Against Abortion? Join 3800 friendly people sharing 426 true stories in the I Am Against Abortion group. Find forums, advice and chat with groups who .
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Pro-Slavery Movement 1776-1865 & Pro-Abortion Movement 1973-Present...Do they say the same things?
I agree with you 100%. The analogy between abortion and slavery is very astute. The thing that modern pro-choice people like to say is that abortion is a right they have under the constitutional right to "privacy". This right to privacy is found nowhere in the constitution, the Supreme Court...

Would you find 'The Gay Abortion Band' an offensive band name?
Yes... so it is probably good on some level....causing offense and controversy has helped many bands on their way.

Are the anti abortion groups in the US that advocate violence classed as terrorist groups by US law?
The FBI is the primary U.S. law enforcement agency dealing with domestic terrorism. Right now, the only anti-choice extremists that I am aware of on their list is the Army of God, although Operation Rescue may come under closer watch soon. Most of the domestic terror groups that the FBI is...

Has anybody had the abortion pill? Im so scared after ready all the horror stories about it. Please help.?
You will take the first pill -mifepristone- The abortion pill works by blocking the hormone progesterone. Without progesterone, the lining of the uterus breaks down, and pregnancy cannot continue. The next day you will take the the pill -misoprostol- that causes your uterus to empty. An pill...

Am I having a spontanious abortion?
you may have a cyst on your ovary..i had that happen to me i would go see a doctor asap