pre-abortion support

Considering your formerly held view on abortion before you found yourself. Find out about the supports available to you if you continue this pregnancy. What is abortion? - When abortion is done? - How abortion is performed?
PRE-ABORTION HEALTH AND SAFETY CHECKLIST • Be absolutely certain that you are pregnant before you make an appointment for an abortion. Things .
1 MOH intends to review the criteria for pre-abortion counselling that was. There was overall support to extend pre-abortion counselling to all pregnant women .
Abortion counselling and advice from bpas - we provide help for women facing an unplanned pregnancy and provide counselling before and after an abortion.
Planned Parenthood Pregnancy Options: Thinking About Abortion. Thinking. Would I be willing to tell a parent or go before a judge if my state requires it?. You may feel that it s hard to talk to the people you normally reach out to for support.
At CedarOak we offer compassionate care and support to anyone who is facing unplanned pregnancy, abortion or baby loss. If you think that you might be .
You can discuss the special issues that arise when you have had an abortion before, and now are purposely trying for a new pregnancy, as well as the issues .
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Unbiased information about abortion?
Frankly on such a controversial issue, its gonna be really hard to find a site unbiased. What you should look for instead is a site with back-up for its facts or opinions. This at least will give you a better idea of what the truth is. Either that or look up websites both for, and against abortion...

Are partial birth abortions against the law?
The term "partial birth abortion" is a political, not a medical term. It is a term designed to cause an emotional reaction and cloud the overall debate over abortion rights. It is a procedure that is A, rare and B, usually medically necessary when it is performed. It has been illegal in...

Abortion, religion? morality?
Your idea that abortion is a moral issue is an obvious error on your part. It is not a moral question, it is a personal opinion. Forcing another person to follow your personal opinion is a moral issue though. It is immoral to force your personal opinion on other humans. Abortion is a natural...

Are you paying attention to what is brewing in Austin, Texas tomorrow?
My understanding is that the bill simply restricts abortions to 20 weeks and under... the part about closing the majority of abortion clinics, I don't quite understand. But the passion shown in the opposition of the bill is very impressive. * do you have a link to the contents of the bill...

Um...aren't abortion clinic bombings a very rare happening?
Think you're right, abortion clinic bombings have dropped off. Perhaps people are preoccupied with other things, like wars or domestic terrorism or other such things that affect them more directly. Personally I always wondered how someone who calls themselves "the right to life", could set...