Q: What do you think of anti-abortion violence?

A:No killing is ever justified, with any God. Because God is against any killing. Obviously abortion is against God wishes too. All violence is against all Gods w...Read More »

Q: What is a good attention grabber for the topic anti-abortion viol...

A:You could point out that any violence against abortionists has been from individuals, rather then members of mainstream pro-life groups. Except in the case of P...Read More »

Q: Has violence killed the anti-abortion movement?

A:Operation Rescue's Buffalo fizzle showed that big clinic protests are a thing of the past, but they may have already done their damage. (04/28/99)Read More »

Q: How the U.S. federal "Unborn Victims of Violence Act" can be used...

A:The following is an excerpt from an email sent to a group of "Army of God" followers. It contains an article written by James Kopp, from a publication called "A...Read More »

Q: Anti-Abortion Activist Says George Tiller's Former Clinic Is 'Try...

A:It sounds more like a thinly veiled threat, then a clinic trying to provoke anything. A lot of abortion clinics have security and safety precautions. A lot of t...Read More »

anti-abortion violence

Anti-abortion violence is violence committed against individuals and organizations that provide abortion. Incidents of violence have included destruction of . Definition and characteristics - By country - Violence by Army of God
Women and their doctors have long lived under the threat of anti-abortion violence. Courts weighing abortion legislation cannot forget that .
Although public attention has been directed towards other forms of domestic terrorism in recent years, anti-abortion violence remains a steady .
the federal FACE Act27 and corresponding state laws, anti-choice violence at the impact anti-choice violence has on access to abortion care .
Pamela Willis Watters: Alabama s courts ruled for abortion providers by citing the harassment they face. It s time everyone noticed.
As the hardcore wing of the anti-abortion movement becomes smaller, its extremism increases — leading to increased violence.
While antiabortion activists had committed acts of violence before, 1991 s “ Summer of Mercy” turned it up a notch. Since 1991, there have .
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This heartless Church has told these people who do not believe what the Catholic Church believes that they cannot be members of the Catholic Church. And, the big problem is that people on the internet who do not believe what the Catholic Church believes are outraged because the Catholic Church...