Q: Do pro choicers admire this woman for performing three successful...

A:what do pro choicers have to do with any sort of botched home surgery? pro choicers are people that believe the mother has the choice to seek PROFESSIONAL medic...Read More »

post-term abortion

Late termination of pregnancy (TOP) or late-term abortions are abortions which are performed during a later stage of pregnancy. Late-term abortions are more . Definition - Incidence - Reasons - Legal restrictions
[W]hen circumstances occur after birth such that they would have justified abortion, what we call after-birth abortion should be permissible.
even after fetal viability, states may not prohibit abortions “necessary to. Although the vast majority of states restrict later-term abortions, many .
Today, the March for Life will take place in our nation s capital, drawing attention to more than 50 million babies aborted since the Roe v Wade .
The two are quick to note that they prefer the term “after-birth abortion“ as opposed to ”infanticide.” Why? Because it “[emphasizes] that the .
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — A closely watched, first-of-its-kind proposal to ban late-term abortions in New Mexico s largest city was trailing in early.
The public has consistently opposed infanticide – which, by any standard, is the way to describe late-term abortions. Someone should tell the .
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Is an abortion based sexual fetish immoral?
I think it is rather sick, myself. But legal and moral are two different subjects. I am pro choice also, but I would never suggest this choice. Is she a space cadet? She is contemplating this procedure from an on line dating service? Does she really think those people are honest? My concerns...

Is the 'Morning After Pill' a form of Abortion?
There are actually 3 different ways that the morning after pill works. First, it can disrupt your menstrual cycle so that you don't ovulate when you normally would have. Second, it can cause you to not ovulate at all. And Third, it can cause the lining of your uterus to be unstable so that...

Do you go to hell if you get an abortion?
Only God can be our judge, however, since you have asked this question one scripture comes to mind. It tells us the result of premeditated sin. If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me: Psalm 66:18 When we contemplate committing sin, we should realize that lust is involved...

no one can make you get a abortion you are right for defending your baby. I hope your parents se that abortion takes the life of a innocent unborn baby. I hope you choose life call Birthright they can help 1-800 550-4900 God Bless

What law makes abortions legal?
Abortion laws are left to the states. Some states have laws that ban abortion, but the decision in Roe v Wade (and a few others cases since then) have made those laws unenforceable. btw Roe was an alias name the girl that was straight, then became gay, then became straight again. Sounds like...