Q: Why Frederica Mathewes-Green Loves Icons

A:"Yes, we ask the saints to pray for us, she says. They are still living members of the church after all." September 1, 2003Read More »

Q: When was Frederica Mathewes-Green born?

A:1952. the year 1952.Read More »

frederica mathewes-green abortion

The abortion argument is essentially an argument among women.She wants an abortion as an animal, caught in a trap, wants to gnaw off its .
The abortion debate seems like an unresolvable conflict of rights: the right of. Can one both support women s rights and oppose abortion?
I wish that everybody, on both sides of the argument over abortion, would read this book. Frederica Mathewes-Green sees the problem clearly, and the approach .
Frederica Mathewes-Green (born 1952) is an Eastern Orthodox author and speaker on the subjects of religion and abortion. Mathewes-Green holds a BA in .
Published in The Evangelical Catholic, Feb 92, and ALL About Issues, May 1992 ABORTION: WOMEN S RIGHTS AND WRONGS by Frederica Mathewes-Green .
In describing the despair which leads women to abort, Frederica Mathewes- Green of Feminists for Life of America, gives us this compelling word-picture: "No .
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