Q: Is 8weeks to late for the pill abortion?

A:The abortion pill is safe and effective to take up to 9 weeks from your last menstrual period.Read More »

Q: What happens if you take an abortion pill at 8 weeks or after?

A:If you mean Plan B or other levonorgestrel only medications - they are not abortion pills, so nothing will happen. If you mean RU486 (mifepristone) which is onl...Read More »

Q: Will the abortion pill work after 8 weeks?

A:No it will not. If taking it then you can hurt the fetus but not kill it. After 8 weeks you have to have a surgical abortion.Read More »

Q: Is it part of the tissue i passed when i took the pill? Just pass...

A:Hi, Melissa, A lot of people jump to the conclusion I am a doctor. Don't beat yourself for not having read my profile. But please reread what you said. You neve...Read More »

Q: How long is one suppose to bleed after taking the abortion pill i...

A:until you pass the entire pregnancy. you may still bleed afterwards. if bleeding persists for more than two weeks, then check in with your doctor.Read More »

8 week abortion pill

Is the abortion pill safe and effective? Planned Parenthood.the abortion pill to 49 days.) Women who need an abortion and are more than 9 weeks pregnant can have an in-clinic abortion.You should have a regular period in 4 to 8 weeks.
Click here to download The abortion pill up to 9 weeks section from the bpas guide.Ibuprofen (200mg): take 3 or 4 tablets by mouth every 8 hours as needed.
Abortion Pill is available at A Woman s Choice of Raleigh, a private abortion clinic in Raleigh, NC. Abortion Pill known as RU86 - a non-surgical abortion.
Also known as RU486 or medication the clinic, an ultrasound is performed to confirm you are less than 8 weeks pregnant.
Learn about Abby Johnson s real story with medication abortion as a college. who was 8 weeks pregnant by her husband…a husband she was divorcing.
The abortion pill is limited to patients ten weeks pregnant or less, as verified by. This means, for every 100 woman who use the abortion pill between 5 and 8 .
What to Expect. The Abortion Pill. 1st STEP OF MEDICAL ABORTION “The Abortion Pill” (for women 8 weeks or less in the pregnancy). When you arrive at Hope .
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