Q: When having an abortion do they keep the ultrasound for records?

A:Ultrasounds during pregnancy are not billable unless the image is printed or stored electronically. If you would like to have a copy of the ultrasound image, se...Read More »

Q: Why Do Abortion Advocates Hate Ultrasound Pictures?

A:Nobody "hates" ultrasound pictures. This is a dishonest--yet not surprising--tactic of the pro-slavery movement to describe a protest against comuplosory guilti...Read More »

Q: What are symptoms if there is product remaining after abortion wh...

A:If there are any products of conception left it will be seen during the ultra sound examination. Further even though you do not have symptoms now, if the ultras...Read More »

Q: Why are libs against ultrasounds before an abortion?

A:Libs say background checks for private gun sales do not violate your privacy, private property and 2nd rights but they claim an ultrasound before an abortion wi...Read More »

Q: Why are libs against ultrasounds before an abortion?

A:It humanizes the fetus. the easiest way to kill a person is to dehumanize them. It's easy to kill a fetus, it's not so easy to kill a baby.Read More »

abortion video ultrasound

Famous ultrasound video (originally produced in 1980) of an abortion 11 weeks after conception. Online video for Microsoft Media Player, plus transcript and .
The film depicts the abortion process via ultrasound and shows an abortion taking.The video has been a popular tool used by the pro-life campaign in arguing .
Last month, LifeNews spotlighted the story of a young woman who posted a video of her abortion records and an ultrasound picture of her .
And I too had seen an ultrasound abortion.groundbreaking video “The Silent Scream,” which showed a baby being aborted via ultrasound.
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Abortion song? Any ideas?
Red RagTop, by Tim Mcgraw

Pros and cons for abortion. Essay?
Personally, I don't believe in abortion for any reason. The reason why is because I believe that life starts once the egg is fertilized by the sperm cell. New advances in technology have enabled scientists to observe the amazing changes that take place in the nucleus of this one-celled fertilized...

Should i have an abortion? its booked for tomorrow?
If you want to carry on with your life and live your life a little more before having kids, just go with the abortion. Many woman has gone through abortions because they fell pregnant too early. They had kids later on in life. If you THINK that you might regret this or feel really guilty/disgusted...

Abortion queries on yahoo answers...?
Good question, as you say, it would avoid offending those who are offended by even the discussion of abortion. However, I suspect that they are often people who actually enjoy being offended and outraged, and would seek out that section of YA in order to abuse questioners. I've never understood...

Does girl scout support planned parenthood?
No, the woman making the false claim found a PP brochure in a trashcan at the UN. Her daughter had just attended a meeting in the same room so the idiot assumed the brochure on how to have safe sex as an HIV positive teen was from that meeting. However everyone from the US girl scout meeting...