Q: Have any of you been to this pro-abortion/post-abortion website?

A:First, the correct term is Pro-Choice. There are some Pro-Life people that claim it should be Pro-Abortion, but, if we start calling Pro-Choice people that, we ...Read More »

pro-abortion websites

National organization advocating for and providing comprehensive information on reproductive rights in the U.S. Numerous local affiliates.
The National Abortion Federation (NAF) is the professional association of. agency group, or a pro-choice individual, NAF welcomes you in our membership. .Hotline at 1-800-772-9100 or go to their website #Prochoice. Think You're Pregnant? - Contact Us - Find A Provider - Abortion
Abortion is a moral right—which should be left to the sole discretion of the woman involved- morally, nothing other than her wish in the matter is to be considered. Abortion Rights are Pro-Life - Abortion Q&A - Abortion: An Absolute Right - Essays
We are made up of pro-choice women and men across the United States. Together, we re protecting and expanding reproductive freedom. How do we support .
Abortion is a nonpartisan, nonprofit website that presents research, studies, and pro and con.Pro & Con Arguments: "Should Abortion Be Legal?".
For too long, the abortion discussion has been dominated by angry, nasty protests.The pro-choice side has been largely silent, or has responded defensively, .
RT @Abortion_RCScot: Scottish pro-choice supporters should check out our Scottish section on the @Abortion_Rights website:…yesterday .
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Odds are _excellent_ you'll have zero problems. I had a D&C apropos of a miscarriage- had no problems getting pregnant again, have had no problems with the pregnancy. "How safe is abortion? The risk of abortion complications is minimal when the procedure is performed by a trained professional...

What does the Constitution say about Right to Abortion?
Yes, it does make perfect sense to me as well. The constitution is used to defend the right to abortion under a woman's right to privacy. In other words, she has the right to do with her body as she chooses, so the unborn baby life is subject to her privacy. But to PFO, you remark isn't quite...

I need good Abortion Interview Questions for my research paper.?
For the advocates: I would probably start out with general question, like "Why are you pro-choice/pro-life?" Maybe ask if anything in the life has contributed to their opinions. Here are some other possible questions: 1-Do you feel abortion is a human rights issue or a womens rights issue...

Is being an Abortion Doctor a job that pays well in Poland?
Abortion is illegal in Poland except from if a child is ill, child is from rape or developing child is dangerous to pregnant mother. You can't have abortion on demand. So not so much demand for legal abortions. And i think you need to be a gyno doctor to do it (legally).

Do you consider abortion to be a valid means of reliable birth control?
I consider termination of a pregnancy to be a valid choice, and yes, I know what it entails. Abortion technically *is* birth control- it prevents you from giving birth- but obviously, when we usually say "birth control", we mean contraception, which abortion is not- by the time you need an...