Q: How to do abortion safely?

A:I would say rethink this. Go ahead and have your baby. You can do it. No one is ever ready to be a parent since everyone who does so is for the first time. Abor...Read More »

Q: How is abortion safe?

A:Tim Tebow is an abortion survivor. (His mother chose not to have the procedure, if that counts.Read More »

Q: Is an abortion safe?

A:Yes, abortions performed by a licensed doctor is considered a safe procedure. Yes abortion is considered safe today when done in a clinic by medical professiona...Read More »

Q: Is abortion safe?

A:Yes abortion is considered safe today when done in a clinic by medical professionals. Especially a medical abortion since it means you don't get sedated. All in...Read More »

Q: Are abortions safe?

A:When done by health care professionals during the first trimester, both medical and surgical abortions are generally very safe. Serious complications are rare. ...Read More »

abortion safe

Abortion is a safe and legal way to end a pregnancy. There are two methods of abortion available to women in the first trimester of pregnancy. Frequently Asked Questions. - Abortion Resources & Support - Medication Abortion
Medical abortion is safer than the use of antbiotics. The risk of fatal anaphylaxis with penicillin has previously been estimated as about 1 in 100 000[1]. Mortality .
What is an abortion?Abortion is the premature ending of a pregnancy. A spontaneous abortion, or miscarriage, occurs when a natural cause ends a pregnancy.
We offer safe abortion (also called Termination of Pregnancy or TOP) for women who are up to 20 weeks pregnant. Depending on the gestation .
The argument used by many advocates of abortion -- that abortion is safer than childbirth -- is difficult to defend in light of medical evidence to the contrary.
Test your knowledge on contraception, pregnancy, abortion and teens with the Guttmacher Institute s most requested questions and answers. You might be .
Is the abortion pill safe and effective? Planned Parenthood answers your questions about how medical abortion ends an early pregnancy.
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Does the Louisiana law requiring women to get an ultrasound before an abortion show the hypocrisy of the right?
Absolutely. The obvious intent is to prevent abortions. The right's arguments against government interference are constantly shown to be fraudulent hypocrisy. The right wants intrusive and unwarranted government interference in areas where they want to enforce their moralistic agenda. The...

Can anyone give a critical analysis of the the poem "the Abortion" by Anne Sexton?
This is an outstanding poem. There are no real flaws, and the language is poignant and abrupt. One could argue that the italics are a bit much and that the line Somebody who should have been born/ is gone is a bit melodramatic. I probably would not have included it, (3x no less) had I written...

Does anyone know about this abortion clinic called Aarons Women Center its in Dallas?
Um... it appears to be closed. You could try these-

Abortion Limit??????
Yes, it really should. I'm pro-choice also but a lot of countries do have abortions limited to the first trimester. I'm from NZ which is a very liberal country in regards to womens rights (one of the first women leaders, first to give women equal rights to work and one of the first to legalize...

How can I stop getting recommended abortion videos on utube?
There is the easy way and the hard way. Easy: 1) Watch about a dozen videos which have nothing to do with abortion or birth control. It will automatically change its recommendations. 2) Move your mouse to the right of the topmost recommendation and a botton will appear asking if you want to...