Q: Down syndrome and abortion questions?

A:If you look at CDC data between 1983 to 1990 (average) and data from 2006 the number of children born with Downs Syndrome actually increased from 9.2 to over 13...Read More »

Q: What percentage of babies with Down Syndrome are aborted?

A:About 90 percent of pregnant women who are given a Down syndrome diagnosis have chosen to have an abortion. Until recently the test was given only to women over...Read More »

Q: How many fetuses with Down Syndrome are aborted every year?

A:90% of women who are told they have a Down's syndrome fetus will abort per New York Times. Yes 90% but that does not say how many they are. 90% of what? I've lo...Read More »

Q: Thin Places What do Down Syndrome, Abortion, and Baby Girls Have ...

A:"Statistics also suggest that at least 50% of all fetuses with Down syndrome in the US are aborted. That rate becomes higher among women who have a prenatal dia...Read More »

Q: What percentage of fetuses with Down Syndrome are aborted in the ...

A:It has been said that something likeRead More »

downs syndrome abortion

About 92% of pregnancies in Europe with a diagnosis of Down syndrome are terminated. In the United States, termination rates .
A mother of a 47-year-old child with Down s Syndrome would like to turn back time and abort him. Because of the constant care and .
For some people, abortion may be the right decision. For others, the choice to terminate a fetus with Down syndrome may reflect a fundamental .
GOP bill would make Ohio first state to ban abortion based on fetal diagnosis of Down syndrome.
When Tom Bachofner, 38, and his wife Karen s unborn child was diagnosed with Down s syndrome, they didn t question whether they d go .
Ohio Right to Life is pushing for the state to ban abortions sought because the fetus possibly has Down syndrome or has been diagnosed with .
We reasoned that if our baby did have Down s syndrome — a.In addition, under the Abortion Act, termination of a baby with Down s syndrome .
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