Q: Are most atheists pro-abortion and so support the killing newborn...

A:The article is nothing more than the same tactic anti-choice proponents always use. Manipulating people's emotions since they don't have much of a leg to stand ...Read More »

pro-abortion article

In New Hampshire, more Republicans are pro-choice than p.The next time you read a controversial opinion article, instead of talking about "lynching" the .
How making the most heartbreaking choice for my family s future almost killed me , and.I never really feel affected by articles and testimonies such as this one, .
This all makes Katha Pollitt s Pro: Reclaiming Abortion Rights a timely.The TAP article, on the other hand, throws a bunch of arguments out .
The left makes a first-principles defense of abortion rights regardless of its consequences, but is hostile to individual autonomy on nearly every .
Pro & Con Arguments: "Should Abortion Be Legal?" PRO Legal Abortion. The US .Pro-choice and pro-life demonstrators 2004 March for Womens Lives
New! Exposing Crisis Pregnancy Centres in BC- Anti-abortion "counselling" agencies rely on deception, misinformation, and emotional manipulation to .
I had an abortion. I was not in a libertine college-girl phase, although frankly it s none of your business. I was already a mother of two, which .
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Lowering Abortions rates?
That option has always been there, but the problem is too many women use abortion as a form of birth control. It needs to be revised, it shouldn't only be a woman's decision, it wasn't only a woman's decision to become pregnant, it took both the man and the woman. They should both be in on...

Father's rights with abortion?
Since the women has the bear the physical effects of pregnancy the Supreme Court decided her decision should be the one that carries more weight. I am sorry for your brother but have you thought that considering her drug addiction and complete idiocy that it would be better for her to not have...

Will the abortion industrial complex ever release its strangle hold on the AMA and Big Education?
I love that phrase, "abortion industrial complex". In the US, a non-profit organization only has to use 10% of it's funds on the charity, and 90% can be spent on the overhead of administration. Planned parenthood employess get very nice salaries, i'm sure.

Who was the first female reporter to have her own byline in the US?
It was Robin Toner,who died in 2008 at age 54. She was known for her meticulous reporting and relentless fact-checking. Out of more than 1,900 articles with her byline, Toner had only half a dozen published corrections over the years.She covered five presidential elections and countless congressional...

Latest safe date to have an abortion?
Wtf? Canada being disgusting? How is it? That's someone else's choices and Canada supports the freedom of others. That isn't wrong, it's their choice. Jeez, why not think of why people would want a abortion before running your mouth saying their country is wrong. Because it isn't. They actually...