Q: What is Abortion Abortion Procedures - Abortion Facts

A:Both medical and surgical abortion methods are available, yet they differ at each stage of pregnancy. Typically, once a pregnancy is past 7 weeks, only surgical...Read More »

Q: Late Term Abortion Facts.

A:Abortions are typically performed by a health-care provider, and different states require different levels of training and certification for health-care provide...Read More »

Q: What are the risk woman face from doing abortion?fact

A:Join a community of thousands of dedicated teachers and students. Join eNotes With an eNotes subscription, your questions get answered first by our expert eNote...Read More »

Q: Who wants to talk intelligently about abortion, facts not emotion...

A:Fact: Things that are illegal are still available. Safer all around if something is regulated rather than restricted to back alley dealings and coat hangers. Ot...Read More »

Q: Late term abortion facts?

A:The reasons for a third-trimester abortion were: * In 40% an earlier test indicated that a defect existed but not how serious it was. Doctors delayed and re-tes...Read More »


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It is imperative that pro-lifers be ready to answer questions about abortion and the risks associated with having an abortion. The below information will help you .
Do you know facts on abortion? At learn informative abortion facts and statistics. Find answers to some questions with abortion information facts.
"Abortion Facts." By James D. Agresti. Just Facts, September 24, 2008. Revised 3 /31/15. .
NAF has worked since 1977 to ensure that women, health care professionals, and policymakers have access to factual information about .
What is abortion? What s the difference between surgical & medical abortion? Read expert information from Marie Stopes, the largest UK abortion charity.
Learn the facts about abortion. Why Pro-Life seeks to bring your powerful pro-life information, facts and arguments to help you spread the .
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Follow up on my previous abortion/vote question?
I am stating that the law does not allow you to couple an issue that has financial consequences with the action of voting. The Supreme Court would say that you have defacto created a tax. What is more the tax is disproportionate favoring the prochoice over the pro life. It can't be done legally...

Abortion statistic related to race?
While white women obtain 60% of all abortions, their abortion rate is well below that of minority women. Black women are more than 3 times as likely as white women to have an abortion, and Hispanic women are roughly 2 times as likely. i got it from this site

What is an abortion, does it mean you kill the baby before they get born?
It means the pregnancy is terminated before the fetus reaches about 4 or 5 months. The non-surgical abortion can be performed up to about the 9th week (abortion pill, not the same as Plan B) and some surgical techniques can be used up to the 12th. After that it requires a slightly more advanced...

For everyone who is pro choice, can you define partial-birth abortion for me?
Intact Dialation and Extraction is a procedure where the fetus is positioned as if for a breech birth through a partially dialated cervix. The materials of conception are then suctioned out in one piece with any parts too large to pass through being first punctured and collapsed to decrease...

Where can I have an abortion being 21 weeks pregnant?
Please reconsider an abortion. Adoption would be far better, and there are many loving couples who are unable to bear children looking to adopt. Please consider that ending a pregnancy is ending a life. At the moment of conception, we have our own unique DNA that never before existed and...